Team X-Box posted an interesting news article on their site, concerning the upcoming FPS for the X-Box, Epic Games's Unreal Championship 2! As a result of Midway Games's publishing this title, a very familiar character from the Mortal Kombat universe is making a guest appearance in the game! From the article:
But without a doubt, the most interesting surprise was the unveiling of the secret Mortal Kombat character that will make his way into a crossover that blends the fighting and shooting genres; and the winner is… Raiden!

Yes, the Thunder God has been selected to venture into the Unreal universe and his selection makes sense when you consider he has always battled in the Mortal Kombat tournaments when the Outworld and Earth realms merged.

Now that the Unreal and Mortal Kombat universes are melding into one, he once again must put his own immortality to risk by transforming into a mere mortal to compete in The Liandri Corporation tournament.

His incorporation comes together with Raiden's voice actor and the option to swap the Unreal host with the classic Mortal Kombat announcer, providing a nice MK touch that will be welcome to fans of the fighting franchise. Mike Capps, Lead Designer of UC2 and President of Epic Games, also revealed that the incorporation of the character, as well as other Mortal Kombat elements, were implemented with the input of Ed Boon.
Note that Raiden's inclusion in UC2 was known as far back as Midway Gamer's Day, where we got a picture of his silhouette on the UC2 character select screen, along with another mysterious kombatant's. However, this is the first official confirmation we have seen regarding Raiden's presence in Unreal Championship 2. We'll keep an eye on this game, and as we learn more, we'll report it here.

To see the Team X-Box article in its entirety, click here. To see the previous MK Online news article with the UC2 screenshots, click here.

Our thanks to forum/chat member CAMK for the heads-up on this news story!