Sixteen of the toughest heroes and villains have entered a tournament called Injustice Battle Arena! Fans voted in the millions - now the verdict is in! Watch as Taryn Souther hosts the result of Batman versus Superman plays out in the Championship Final!

[Click to watch Batman versus Superman - The Championship Fight!]

Gods among fanboys Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes join regular host Taryn Southern for the final countdown to the battle we've been waiting for! The pair directed and starred in the who would win Injustice TV spot and have been with the game throughout its online promotion.

For the full pomp and circumstance, watch the above embedded video as is. Or, if you'd rather just skip to the epic showdown between world's finest heroes, click the link to load up the Championship bout!

Those who came in late may wish to familiarize themselves with the Batman v Superman history, or catch-up with the full beat up via our Battle Arena Tournament Hub!

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