A new month; a new wave of downloadable content (DLC) coming to Injustice: Gods Among Us! The July 2nd crop brings with it another library of alternate costume skins, as well as the fourth and final Season Pass DLC character (for now): General Zod!

Earth-2 Solomon Grundy & General Zod DLC coming July 2.

The push and pull of the current era DC Comics takes precedent over the better known classics, accounting for two of this weeks character skin packs.

- The New 52 [Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman]
In 2011, some bright spark decided life would be easier if the DC Universe were a few years old and characters were a little bit different. Thus; The New 52 -- a line-wide reboot indecisive enough to warrant any number of puerile male sex organ references. See, even a couple of years later, nobody can really tell you which stories are still canon, and which aren't. It isn't a soft reboot, it isn't a hard reboot. It is, however, a fine opportunity for Jim Lee and co to redesign the characters with "modern" new looks.

If you entered our Superman DLC Giveaway, you know all about the New 52 trunksless Superman. Enjoying similar reductions in detail are Batman & Wonder Woman -- not too different from their classic looks. Just different enough to convince the kids it's safe to live in a world that started yesterday.

- Blackest Night 2 [Batman, Aquaman & Hawkgirl]
The Dark Knight features again in the second DLC skin pack to be based on the 2009 DCU crossover event! Blackest Night was recent enough and popular enough to get a guaranteed pass in The New 52 reboot comics, so you don't need to fret about the validity of the whole concept being delivered beside New 52 (a great relief, I'm sure).

Until now; Black Lantern Batman was available exclusively as part of a Blackest Night pre-order bundle. Now he arrives in all his decaying glory, alongside two very cool Black Lanterns right out of the comics! As previously featured; Black Lantern Batman [and Superman] have twisted origins that technically should detach them from their namesakes [spoilers: he was a Bat-clone]. This zombified version of Aquaman, however, was the real deal, and played a vital role in resurrecting him after a brief stay in the afterlife! Hawkgirl springs right out of the first issue and into the game -- one of the great Black Lantern designs! Nice to see Hawkgirl get a costume, too [even if we all know this should be the far superior Hawkman].

- Earth-2 [Solomon Grundy, Flash & Hawkgirl]
Rating as one of the stranger inclusions in the DLC wardrobe -- these designs are technically spun out of the same New 52 reboot already discussed. Borrowing from the original dimensional rift of the Silver Age; Earth-2 features a radically reinvented version of the Justice Society of America. Though sharing very little in common with the beloved Golden Age heroes, it's as good as you can get in the current comics climate. Of course, with progenitor James Robinson leaving the title, it's perhaps a little more obvious where the connections steam. Tom Taylor -- of the Injustice Tie-In Comic -- will take over writing chores with issue #17 [via DC Comics].

Hawkgirl fans will rejoice at the sight of two alternate costumes in one release! Solomon Grundy is another welcome return, but it's The Flash that deserves special mention. Like Black Lantern Flash [aka; Professor Zoom] -- we have a character who is technically a new addition, at least in the source material. Earth-2's Flash is Jay Garrick -- the WWII era hero who held the speedster's mantle more than a decade before Injustice's Barry Allen!

- Man of Steel [Superman]
Exploding out of the blockbuster theatrical hit -- Superman gets a big blue makeover right out of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. We're currently waiting to see if General Zod will get the same (much needed) polish, but for now, movie Superman is a one-time deal available for $0.99 (80 MS Points). 3-character packs are $2.99 (240 MS Points).

With DC Entertainment firmly wrapping its talons around the comics branch, it's no surprise to see common sensibilities between the New 52 and movie designs. Like The New 52 look; the most notable change is the removal of Superman's iconic red trunks -- an immodest act that continues to divide experts.

This is the second design officially inspired by a Warner Brothers cum DC Entertainment property! Green Arrow leapt out of CW's hit drama Arrow with an Injustice skin even voiced by series star Stephen Amell [full story]!

For a chance to claim Blackest Night (1 & 2) or Zombie Mode DLC -- join the horde and enter our DLC giveaway! You can discuss all the coming content and much more in the DC Universe Injustice forum!