A whirlwind of speculation combusts into hellfire as DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee and NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon combine to present the latest downloadable addition to Injustice: Gods Among Us! Mortal Kombat's Scorpion has made the leap and is kicking butt in a new feature trailer!

Update (June 4): Scorpion is now available to DLC Season Pass holders. Everyone else can purchase starting June 11. [via @noobde]

Scorpion gets a fresh look courtesy of the DC Co-Publisher [Lee], who is better known to millions of fans as a comic book penciler on titles like Batman, Justice League & X-Men. The new design takes inspiration from the iconic ninja look of the games, embellishing it with a fantastical flourish befitting a cross-dimensional adventure.

The crossover is destined to spark debate wtihin the fanbase, but draws precedent from NetherRealm Studios' previous work in the 2008 crossover: Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe. To sweeten the deal for DC diehards; the trailer features a new Blackest Night Superman skin, as well as a suggestive post-credits appearance by JLA Watchtower background cameo, Martian Manhunter. A surprising omission from the outset, it's fair to say the Martian is a likely prospect for DLC.

Previous experiences with the DCU don't appear to have better prepared Scorpion for his guest role. Sub-Zero makes a cameo appearance in the ninja spectre's fight intro -- a sequence that sees Scorpion unexpectedly plucked from the Koliseum stage of the last Mortal Kombat game (2011)! Don't expect to see Sub-Zero in DLC any time soon, though. Boon tweets "... One is enough. Like Freddy Krueger in [MK]..."

The MK fan service doesn't end with soft explanations. Scorpion is given the full treatment in-game, adapting everything you'd expect into the Injustice formula. Super-moves send the fight to Hell with cinematic results, complete with Scorpion's trademark spear attack, and penchant for shouting. Ed Boon continues his prolific run as the Guinness World Record holding voice of the vengeful spirit.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is out now. Scorpion will join Lobo, Batgirl and a range of costume packs available for download via PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. Characters are $4.99 (400MS Points) each, with a 4-for-3 discount attached to Season Pass characters.

Scorpion is one of sixty-four characters vying for the title of Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion! Vote daily and join the discussion to win! For all things Gods Among Us; the DC Universe Injustice forum is for you!