Buildings crumble and super powers collide in an exclusive new Injustice: Gods Among Us trailer featured by G4TV! The trailer comes packaged with an on-the-floor interview with the face of NetherRealm Studios, Creative Director Ed Boon.

Newly revealed [full story], Nightwing and Cyborg get their spotlight in the trailer, showing off the gameplay that is currently on display on the floor at San Diego Comic-Con (booth #1915)! Also featured are the other heroes and villains of Injustice, executing a range of attacks from basic Gadget interactions, to super attacks that bring in the iconic powers and weaponry familiar to the comics.

Interviewed by G4's Blair Herter; Creative Director Ed Boon discusses the vital differences between the playstyle of Batman and his most famous apprentice, the former-Robin known as Nightwing. Of particular note, Nightwing's iconic fighting kali sticks, which can fuse together to add electrifying range to the fast-paced combatants attacks. The locomotion of the character plays to his history as a famously orphaned circus acrobat, possessing all the agility and showmanship that would be expected.

Cyborg's cybernetics define a character who is a walking arsenal, able to transform limbs into devastating hi-tech projectile spewing weapons. With a Power class that allows him to man-handle the environment with devastating results, Cyborg is described by Boon as being one of the most combo-friendly characters the studio has ever made.

An ominous voiceover alludes to issues of betrayal and loyalty -- details that more than likely play into a storyline that throws the heroes and villains of DC Comics into a moral blender!

A recent press release from WBIE and DC Entertainment describes the world of Injustice as a place where "... the lines between good and evil are blurred, players will experience heroes and villains engaging in epic battles on a massive scale." Further setting the scene; a teaser trailer released for SDCC, laying out the manifesto of an as yet unidentified individual who seeks to establish a new regime of power in the DC Universe [full story].

DC Entertainment have also released six new HD images of the latest characters, freezing their attacks in time for vivid scrutiny [full story]. Keep up to date with all the Injustice action on the DC Universe Injustice forum!