With Injustice: Gods Among Us on the fast track to an April 16 release, it seems we're on the downhill slope toward knowing exactly what to expect!

Yesterdays Battle Edition press release supported earlier glimpses of Doomsday chained in the Fortress of Solitutde arena. Before that, Bane and Lex Luthor led the charge of confirmed sightings with their official confirmation as playable characters in @Gamer Magazine [full story]!

Time to start packing some wet weather gear for April! Thanks to Official PlayStation Magazine Australia, the latest forecast predicts extreme cases of Aquaman!

Mortal Kombat United are reporting [via ] sections of the article, which talks up some of the more obscure inclusions that will make it to the Gods Among Us roster. Senior Producer Adam Urbano is quoted, "We really want people to get away from the 'Batman/Superman show' essentially."

The article reiterates @Gamers' observations of Black Adam and Captain Marvel; while Urbano speaks at length about the unlikely appearance of classic Wonder Woman adversary, Ares -- God of War!

The in-game playable state of these characters can't quite be confirmed just yet, but after being snubbed for more popular members of the Justice League, you've got to think Aquaman is due a win. With his prominence in the New 52 reboot of DC Comics, he's also a character who's well on his way to shedding the baggage of internet meme and snickering disregard for the guy with fish-telepathy. The cover of Injustice #4 also teased Aquaman's relevance in the JLA heavy backstory.

Update (Jan. 18): The twitter age continues to play its part. DC Comics Chief Creative Officer and writer extraordinaire, Geoff Johns, confirmed he's already played the character he writes [above]. In his own ever-water logged words, Aquaman is "AWESOME."

Aquaman was a popular inclusion in Mortal Kombat Online's Top 10 Heroes We Want Among Us. Join the conversation and speculation on the DC Universe Injustice forums!