Injustice: Gods Among Us continues in comic book format in 2014, relaunching in the aptly named second volume: Injustice: Year Two.

DC's "Earth-2" writer Tom Taylor -- Australian writer on the rise -- returns to the first alternate DC Universe he penned to coincide with the game. Taylor cites the unique relationships formed within the dystopian world as a key factor to bringing him back for the series, launching with the first digital chapter this Tuesday (January 7).

The digital comics format has been key to Injustice: Gods Among Us' serialized success, and Injustice just as crucial to the success of digital comics, as well. The immediately dominant serial was a much needed boost to DC Comics' initially slow digital outlet. Gamers provided significant support for the hit tie-in series, contributing to a staggering combined 1.9 million sales in digital and print, according to USA Today.

There can be no doubting that the deviating, introductory level relationships between popular characters has been a motivator for digital readers, who've expanded readership beyond traditional fans. In the USA Today interview, Taylor discusses some Year Two content, which takes one step further down the five year path to the contemporary plot of the video game.

The comics' ability to expand upon the games' limited modes will be an attractive component for anyone following the story. Downloadable characters have already been integrated more deeply into the plot, with Lobo starring as recently as the year-ending Injustice: Gods Among Us Annual [released November]. Black Canary is set to feature in the comic again, despite failing to make the game roster [read more]. Less prominent characters -- like Harley Quinn -- also benefit.

"I want to know what happens with a vengeful Black Canary," [...] "I want to know how Green Lantern falls. I want to know what happens to Harley Quinn with the Joker no longer in the picture. I want to know why Superman teams up with [super-villains]. I want to see Batman heal. I want to find out who lives and who dies, and how."

The tour of the twisted DC multiverse is set to continue in big ways in Year Two. Green Lantern is promised to feature as the ramifications of Injustice' plot ripples outward from Superman, Batman, and the fractured powers of the Justice League. The cosmic Corps have provided some of DC Comics' biggest storylines in recent years. Green Lantern appears in-game corrupted by the sinister powers of Parallax -- yellow creature of fear.

Bruno Redondo and Julien Hugonnard-Bert take art duties, seen [above] in a five page preview starring Black Canary, Green Arrow & Superman. Visit our Injustice Comic Book Index for more previews, reviews and content.

Injustice: Ultimate Edition brought the DC/NetherRealm Studios fighting game into the next generation with releases on PS4, PSVita & PC. Given the standard development cycle of games and the comics' Year Two (of Five) backstory, you might call the launch the first legitimate speculation about an Injustice video game follow-up. You can further speculation in the DC Universe Injustice forum.