If you're wondering what that crunching sound is, it's just the copious helpings of salt we're taking this story with. Coming out of last weeks Wondercon; it seems Furious Fanboys has inferred a possible announcement of an Injustice sequel.

The supposed reveal came during a DC All Access panel showing of Batman: Arkham Knight and allegedly led to confusion about its release:

While people were applauding and cheering, they specifically say that Batman: Arkham Knight would be released later this year. After that statement is what most people didn’t hear, and they said to prepare for the return of Injustice. The “not a 2014 title” statement applied to the new Injustice, not the Batman sequel. No other details about the new Injustice, such as who is developing it, was revealed but it is apparently on the way…just not this year.

While we cannot vouch for the accuracy of this account, we can certainly accept that the Injustice franchise will return again soon enough. The Injustice: Gods Among Us comic book tie-in is already continuing in its second year; while the card battle game has also launched a new era in Injustice Mobile 2.0 -- boasting an all new multi-player function.

Honestly, we don't think the presumption of an intended franchise needs any proof, but for the sake of completion, we couldn't leave out the sage-like admission of NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon:

Of course, feeding reasonable expectations for NetherRealm Studios' next project: Pompeii star Kiefer Sutherland revealed his involvement in a mystery "Mortal Kombat" project back in February. [Editors Note: Special Forces HD was just our April Fools prank.]

Just like Batman: Arkham Origins was farmed out to a studio other than Arkham originators Rocksteady Games -- so too might Injustice 2 be given to a studio other than NetherRealm (who are much more inseparable from the Mortal Kombat series.)

We also have reason to believe the next Mortal Kombat has been in production for quite some time. If that's true, time and resources may allow the developer to juggle more than their traditional workload. Not enough resources? They have been looking for more: 2014 NRS job listings include:

At this point, the speculation game starts to run itself ragged. We'll leave the rest of the musings to you on the forums.

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