The Injustice 2 panel at San Diego Comic-Con delivered a one-two punch with the reveal of two new characters: Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle! Watch their entry into battle in the trailer below:

Wonder Woman gleams in iconic red and blue, with customizable armor inspired by modern incarnations. Her inclusion was announced last month as part of DC Comics' Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary celebrations!

Blue Beetle adapts his alien costume into a variety of weapons and armored designs. The reveal confirms the Jaime Reyes version of the legacy hero - popularized in comics and cartoons like Young Justice.

This third incarnation of the Blue Beetle was introduced to DC Comics in 2006, succeeding the gadget wielding Ted Kord version with the unique powers of an alien scarab. Blue Beetle won a fan poll held by Injustice Creative Director Ed Boon in June [full story]. The version was not specified.

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