With Jazwares quiet on the Mortal Kombat action figure front, and Pop Culture Shock focused on high-end collectibles [read more] -- brand new, fully articulated thrills have been hard to come by. Fortunately, diligent fans like Giant Size Studios continue to improvise new action figure options with interesting results. Check out the Sub-Zero & Scorpion they sent us [via @MK_Online]:

The customized figures offer a Mortal Kombat/comic book crossover of a totally different kind. Both are predominantly built from cannibalized superheroes, making use of various existing parts. The designs live squarely in fan-created territory, but have a certain charm that borrows cues from elements found throughout the series.

Sub-Zero plays relatively close to visual expectations -- a repainted DCU Indigo Tribe Atom providing a convenient, loin clothed base. A DCU Spectre hood gives a cowled look reminiscent of Lin Kuei warrior turned Wraith: Noob Saibot. The improvised face mask may be familiar; cribbed from a movie inspired Ra's Al Ghul (repainted). A Metamorpho arm provides a textured look for the iced appendage. Custom sculpted shin guards provide a UMK3-esque footnote.

Scorpion veers somewhat off-model -- almost urban looking with a spray yellow finish, and painted logos. A Toy Biz Black Panther provides the base, with modifications taken from Marvel Legends Sentry (fingers), DCU Dr. Impossible (feet) and a movie Ghost Rider movie for an alternate skull head. A customized chain completes the figure. Kanji for "scorpion" and a graphic logo add an interesting touch. The slick, modern anatomy is somewhat reminiscent of incarnations of the MK4 look.

You can uncover more of the making process via Giant Size Studio's Facebook galleries: (Sub-Zero & Scorpion)! While there, be sure to like & share Mortal Kombat Online!

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