In 2010, an unlicensed viral video called Mortal Kombat: Rebirth sent a shockwave through the movie-gaming world. New York University film major Anthony Pellino will soon embark on his own unofficial journey to realize a unique live-action adaptation in: Mortal Kombat: The One.

The One exists only as a teaser trailer for now [embedded above], but is expected to unfold into a 12-15 minute short film. For Pellino, the student movie is a passion project. As a self-professed "crazed" fan since age five, he will write and direct a story inspired by the plot of the original trilogy of games.

Set a few years before the 10th tournament in Manhattan, Rayden is desperate. He has very few leads on potential fighters, and he knows this is his last chance. He needs the best. By blackmailing an even more desperate on-the-run Sub-Zero, (running from the Cyber Initiative) Rayden promises Sub-Zero protection from the Lin-Kuei in exchange for services.

Together they devise ways to lure the very small list of fighters they have into joining their cause and training them up until the tournament.

Centred around Raiden and Sub-Zero; the short is also set to feature heroic Shaolin Monks: Liu Kang & Kai. Budgetary constraints will determine whether additional characters can be featured, with a crowd sourced epilogue featuring Shao Kahn, Kitana and a Reptile cameo in planning. Update: You can now support the project by giving to the IndieGoGo Campaign.

Of his goals with the material, he told Mortal Kombat Online: "With an incredibly talented group of people on board, we hope to make something the fans can appreciate, even though it does not exactly follow the timeline of MK."

Pellino shared location photos with Mortal Kombat Online [click thumbnails below]. Manhattan club Slake and Brooklyn concert arena Olivia will provide space for filming.

Could Anthony Pellino be the next Kevin Tancharoen? Check out the trailer for Mortal Kombat: The One and share your impressions with us on the forums.