It's easy to be a fan of Pop Culture Shock Collectibles and their high-end wares. With Mortal Kombat X, the statue-maker upped their game, recreating the newest designs with new layers of detail! One of their best was undoubtedly Quan Chi - the 1:4 scale statue released in three flavours!

Announced during a busy time in September 2015, Quan Chi was one of the pre-order announcements that shamefully slipped through the cracks of reporting. We nevertheless must admire the quality of work, which you may now find available at good collectibles stores!

The standard Quan Chi statue retails at a recommended $420, but as with all collectible merchandising, rarity may provoke changes in the market. The basic retail version was limited to 500 pieces, with a 250 piece "Dark Curse" variant offering alternate arms wielding the severed head of Moloch, and an attachable "Mind Game" sword. Both come in "Warlock" green.

Our favourite version is probably the ultra-rare PCS exclusive Sorcerer edition. Standing at 16", it features the same fatality and intro inspired alternate arms as the Dark Curse version. It simply switches things up, reflecting the purple palette of this in-game fighting style! Take a closer look by enlarging images featured above!

Many of Quan Chi's greatest allies and enemies have been carved in stone! The line includes: Klassic Raiden, Klassic Liu Kang, Sub-Zero, Baraka, Shao Kahn, Kotal Kahn and more!

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