Buyer Beware...Pop Shock Collectables
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Buyer Beware...Pop Shock Collectables
02/12/2018 10:23 PM EST
So one of the first times I've heard about this company was on this site a few years back, about Mortal Kombat collectable figures.

They appear to do a great job with a lot of thier sculptures and collectable toy figures, but never had any experience buying a collectable from them, until last year when they offered a Street Fighter 4 Juri statue. My favorite character from that series, and there not being many Juri collectables, I decided to pull the trigger and buy it.

They offered a full payment option or an alternating month payment plan for a $400 statue, that was originally expected to ship in Dec. 2017.

Back around late summer/early fall they sent out a news letter than the ship date would be pushed back to Feb./March 2018...Ok fine, I get delays happen and a few months delay is reasonable, I thought

Now fast forward to a few days ago, where I got another email from them, that due to them having so many items being released in a short period of time, they where going to space releases out even more and move certain productions to a different facility for better quality control. Now thier expected ship date has been pushed back to Aug-Oct 2018, some 7-10 months after the originally expected ship date.

At this point the company has all the money for the orders they've sold, as all orders where supposed to be payed off before the original Dec. 2017 ship date. From a business perspective this kind of delay is unacceptable to me, but unfortunately, even if I was to file for a refund, there is still an non-refundable deposit the company keeps, regardless.

Not sure if anyone else has had any experience buying these kinds of collectables in the past, but just thought I would share my experience, because I am beyond miffed at this point, but feel there is very little recourse.

Anyone considering buying these types of collectables should really think long and hard about it, considering the kind of money they cost. This will probably be my first and last time i pre-order a collectable like this.

XBL: kabal31082, PSN: Kabal31082
Nintendo Id: kabal82, 3ds friend code: 2595-3252-2624

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