With Christmas just one week away, chances are you may find yourself in desperate need of some last minute gift ideas for the kombatant you love. Fortunately for you, Mortal Kombat Online has got you covered in the eleventh hour!

It's fair to say the resurgence of Mortal Kombat since the WB purchase and 2011 reboot has resulted in some of the very best MK merchandise we've ever seen! MK has gone one step further than returning to the merchandising domains it once dominated -- conquering new territory, whilst matching the old!

Following is but a glimpse into the entirety of what's out there. These are the best of the best - the must-have items that found their way into circulation in the last year or two. You can find plenty more ideas for the fan who has everything in the Media & Merchandise forums, but be warned - their levels of awesome may be slightly lower than the following ten.

#1 Life-Size Sub-Zero Bust
Available from Sideshow Collectibles (Est. $619.99)
Topping the list of the merchandising revolution is the unprecedented release of high-end statue collectibles! We've seen a lot of great statues in the last couple of years, but by far the coolest gift an MK fan could hope for is the life-size Sub-Zero bust from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles [pictured]!

PCS teamed-up with MKO earlier in the year to give away one of these bad boys in an exclusive contest! We had the privilege of offering one of the limited edition glowing eyes versions, which may or may not be an even cooler gift (if you can find one). Other versions featured a disturbingly realistic death gaze [read more], which is nothing to sneeze at, particularly if you've got a younger sister in line for a good scaring.

In twenty years, MK never really got as far as a full line of top shelf statues before the 2011 reboot -- which makes this merch an overdue tribute for any fanboy (or man's) shelf! Produced in limited numbers, owning high-end collectibles like this will typically involve big bucks and being part of the pre-order cycle, but hey -- you're worth it! If you can't find Sub-Zero, PCS are offering Kitana and UMK3 Klassic statues for pre-order now.

#2 1:2 Scale Shao Kahn Bust
Available from Syco Collectibles (Est. $199.99)
Despite being a dominant presence throughout Mortal Kombat's most iconic era, there's never been a great trade for merchandise based on the Emperor of Outworld. Fortunately, this has been one of the biggest changes of the reboot-era! Shao Kahn is finally available in multiple mediums, and there aren't many better than the 1:2 Scale Shao Kahn Bust from Syco Collectibles.

Just owning a bust of Shao Kahn would be thrilling enough, but in one of their best outings, Syco have pulled out the stops to make sure this is the ultimate, all-in-one Shao Kahn collectible!

In something of a renegade move, the international licenser ditched Kahn's most visible helmet from the latest game -- vastly improving with a new design that harkens back to more tasteful times. The helmet alone is worthy of display -- and if that happens to strike your fancy, you can do as you please with the removeable visage! Beneath the iconic skull motif is the unmasked face of Kahn -- chiseled monster mug first seen in the comics of the nineties (and later featured in Shaolin Monks).

The Kahn bust is part of a Syco silly season special, offering $25 discount throughout December. Syco also have coming wares based on Sindel, Smoke and Cyrax [read more].

#3 Costume Replica Masks
Available from Hidden Assassins (From Est. £42.99)
There's a lot of great stuff on the list catering to fans of particular characters, but for some serious general appeal there are replica costumes masks from Ninja Assassins!

Most of the masks on offer do refer to a particular character by either colour, or design. That said, with a range of dozens of "ninja" masks, you're bound to find something you like. Pick up just about any of the masks on offer and you're probably going to get a gleeful reaction from anyone and everyone, either way.

Designs range from specific 2011 masks like Scorpion's boney face-hugger or the pointy black Noob Saibot [pictured], to unique sculpts popularized by the movies and older games. Look long enough, you'll even find some generic masks that don't refer to anything in particular.

#4 Shao Kahn Action Figure & Playset
Available from Toys 'R' Us (Est. $37.99)
We've already mentioned the reneissance of Shao Kahn merchandise, so this one should probably come as no shock. The only thing cooler than grappling with a Shao Kahn action figure is having a full Arena Playset to plonk him down in -- which are the options available!

Kolosseum throne and shackles [pictured above] come courtesy of Jazwares, who're also selling Deluxe Shao Kahn figures separately. The deluxe figure ensures Kahn towers with a suitable height difference to the rest of the standard 6" line, an intimidating 7.5". The Kahn Arena playset is part of the 3.75" line, accomodating chained imprisonment of other toys in that scale.

Jazwares have been making Mortal Kombat action figures since 2005, but this is the first time the Emperor has been made to dominate the rest of the toy chest! If this isn't enough Shao Kahn for you, there's also a wickedly fun 2.75" super deformed figure -- giving Outworld's ruler the chibi touch -- perfect for the office, or desk!

#5 Songs Inspired by the Warriors
Available from iTunes (Est. $9.99)
In 2011, the WaterTower Music album Songs Inspired by the Warriors got a lot of people excited about the coming MK revival and its merchandising boom!

Headlined by acts like Skrillex -- Songs Inspired by the Warriors returned the series to the realm of infectious techno beats. The Reptile theme found its way deep into the pop vernacular through official game trailers, treading ground originally pioneered by The Immortals in 1994.

Mortal Kombat's history with music has been an important one, with songs like Techno Syndrome playing as vital a role as the games in cementing the brand in the minds of pop culture pundits globally. When MKO interviewed Legacy star Darren Shahlavi, he touched on the music phenomenon, "I was very familiar with MK, mainly the movie and the soundtrack. I loved it. I trained to the music all the time."

Songs Inspired by the Warriors may not be an obvious choice this high on the list, but as quickly as it came, it managed to go. It's been a while since we've talked about the album and that's precisely why it's a great gift for an MK fan. Anyone who was with the series in its earliest days knows of the collectible value of the original Mortal Kombat album -- an obscurity Songs is sure to share in the future.

#6 Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads
Available from Amazon (From Est. $9.99)
Bringing the whimsy in a big way -- Funko Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads go that one step further than Jazware's super-deformed line and we love them for it!

Wacky Wobblers come in three flavors: Scorpion, Shao Kahn and Raiden. For those willing to go the extra mile, the big-head hilarity can continue after dark with a limited edition glow in the dark Raiden!

As you can no doubt tell, the Wacky Wobbler line-up is yet another fine place to catch-up on that much needed Shao Kahn merchandise. It's also a nice chance to pick something up with the sense of humor the series has always been known for. Developing a new relationship? Present your mortal pal with a Scorpion or Raiden doll for lasting Friendship!

#7 Original Rusty Shackles Artwork
Available from Rusty Shackles (Est. $20)
For the fan who has everything, there's the gift of original artwork! It's been a long time since Mortal Kombat graced the four-colour medium of comic books, but thanks to Rusty Shackles and a 1UP games-as-comics article, you can get yourself a taste!

Based on the now classic Frank Miller cover from Daredevil #181 -- the Shackles print taps into the type of martial arts trappings that inspired MK in the first place! Recasting Marvel Comics characters with Kitana, Mileena and Liu Kang, it's a truly inspired piece and a great gift!

Make sure you check out our feature article for a closer look at the piece.

#8 Blu-Ray and DVD Movies
Available from Amazon (From Est. $7.99)
If you've been following the latest news, you know all about the coming second series of Mortal Kombat: Legacy! The live-action anthology tells the tale of the early adventures of MK's icons, venturing into the tournament the series is famed for when Series 2 debuts, 2013.

Sure. The new series, just like the first one, will be available free to watch on YouTube thanks to Machinima. That's cool, but the diehard fans will want to own the disc and be better off for it! Not only does it ensure a legitimate hardcopy archive that can be watched in its entirety at any time -- it's also a great way to delve deeper into the making of the series with extra features [on top of MKO's original coverage, of course].

With Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa returning to the role of Shang Tsung in Legacy [read more] -- this is also the perfect time to grab the original movies! Anyone who hasn't seen them will get an overdue chance to view MK in a whole new way, while classic fans can enjoy a nostalgiac hit with the bonus The Journey Begins animated feature [on Blu-Ray].

#9 The Komplete Edition
Available from Amazon (Est. $29.99)
Believe it or not, there are still lost souls out there who haven't bought the latest game! The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to lure new opponents into the arena by gifting them the Komplete Edition for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PlayStation Vita!

The beauty of the Komplete Edition means getting the entire 2011 reboot experience in a single package! The game contains every piece of downloadable content released after the original game, including Kenshi, Rain, Skarlet and Freddy Krueger -- as well as bonus costumes, gameplay patches and more. Fans buying either of the Sony platforms can also look forward to exclusive guest character - Kratos (God of War).

#10 Klassic Game Releases
Available from Amazon (From Est. $6+)
In 2012, Mortal Kombat celebrated its twentieth anniversary! Throughout that time, the series has seen a lot of highs and a few lows -- all of which are worth investigating if you've found yourself enamored by the wiles of MK and its fantastic universe!

November marked the 10th anniversary of Deadly Alliance -- a recent milestone quite different from the current era, but no less important. Finding a klassic release like that (for PlayStation 2, Xbox or GameCube) is a valuable experience for any fan! Go even deeper into history with the Arcade Kollection -- a conveniently recent package that contains the original Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC!

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