Since acquiring the license in 2011; Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have shown no shortage of ambition when it comes to representing the icons of Mortal Kombat! Their high standard merchandise reached an apex in 2012 with the announcement of life-size statue busts: full scale recreations of Sub-Zero and Scorpion that topped Mortal Kombat Online's 2012 must-have holiday gift list!

In 2014; the ultimate pre-order gift for fans will be the all-new 1:3 Scale Scorpion Statue!

Available for pre-order starting November 3rd -- the 1:3 scale statue is a titanic addition to the Mortal Kombat Klassics series to be offered exclusively through the manufacturer!

Inspired by designs from the original game; Scorpion stands an approximate 28" of polystone (71cm), with an estimated weight of 22lbs (10kg)! That's nearly 10 inches taller and 10 pounds heavier than the standard 1:4 UMK3 Klassic Scorpion announced two years ago!

Pop Culture Shock President & Art Director Jerry Macaluso reveals, "Pound for pound, the most popular MK items we do are of Scorpion." There are plenty of pounds behind this one, too! Adding to the heavyweight appeal of the 1:3 scale creation are a slew of character based mixed media elements: Tailored cloth costume, Real kunai metal chain, Light-up LED Netherrealm base & Alternate skull head with LED eyes!

Put simply -- this statue is big enough, heavy enough, and packed with enough features to be a deadly weapon! It has a lethal price to match: $699.99US with incentives of up to 15% discount based on timing and payment method.

Pop Culture Shock have mastered the world of official, high quality Mortal Kombat merchandise! The Klassics line kontinues to expand to include: Liu Kang, Mileena & Jade, Sub-Zero, Human Smoke & Reptile! Also available from the 1:4 scale statue series: "Ice Blast" Sub-Zero, Kitana, Baraka & Shao Kahn!

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