Pop Culture Shock Collectibles continue to expand their Mortal Kombat Klassics range with the addition of a new retro Sub-Zero statue! The Lin Kuei warrior goes on highly limited pre-sale starting April 6th!

This towering 1:3 scale statue is a compliment to the previously featured 1:3 Klassic Scorpion, featuring the same approach to high quality tailored clothing, detailed sculpture, and mixed media features.

Different, this time, is the highly limited nature of the Klassic Sub-Zero. Pop Culture Shock are pitching this one squarely at the die hard fans, offering only 450 pieces available exclusively through direct pre-order. This means a premium price tag of $699.99, but also attention to special features.

Standing 28" (71cm) - Sub-Zero comes with LED light-up ice ball and switchable klassic Spine Rip Fatality arm. For fans of the original, Bi-Han incarnation of Sub-Zero - this will be a must-have!

Pop Culture Shock's klassic line has rendered many fan-favourite retro fighters: Raiden, Liu Kang, Scorpion, Mileena & Jade, Smoke & UMK3 Sub-Zero! Warrior shrines everywhere can also look forward to Mortal Kombat X status in the near future!

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