They are purveyors of some of the finest high-end Mortal Kombat collectibles we've ever seen -- and just like Raiden in the latest game, they're projecting back in time! Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have officially announced pre-ordering for their new Mortal Kombat Klassic line, kicking it off with inspirations from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3!

Reptile and Scorpion lead the charge, with Sub-Zero and Smoke confirmed to join the series soon. All of the UMK3 palette swaps are 18" 1:4 scale creations, hand-crafted from high quality polystone.

Reptile will be highly collectible, limited to just 99 pieces available exclusively through Pop Culture Shock themselves. At $330US, the statue delivers added punch with an interchangeable unmasked head that reveals the true visage beneath Reptile's mask!

Retailing at $310; Scorpion arrives in two different versions. The standard statue will be limited to 350 pieces, available for pre-order November 29 from Sideshow Collectibles and through Diamond Comics Distributors. Sideshow will offer an exclusive version limited to 200 pieces, with interchangeable skull head and arm stance [pictured] to reflect the different palette swaps of the game.

Additional ordering details will be available as they emerge. Reptile pre-orders are expected to ship First Quarter of 2013, with Scorpion to follow during Quarter 2.

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