Inspired by the iconic pallette swap designs of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3; high-end collectible makers Pop Culture Shock present their 1:4 scale Mortal Kombat Klassic statue line - featuring Sub-Zero!

Threatening to raise all the questions of the Classic Sub-Zero of the games -- this character has no specific identifying markers. Alternate iced arms take inspiration from Mortal Kombat 4 and later instalments, but the lack of eye scar may cause convulsions in some hardcore fans. Our advice: enjoy it for what it is - a classic take on the Sub-Zero design.

Interchangeable ice arms are an exclusive extra feature available only by ordering direct from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. Standard versions of the statue (with regular arms only) will also be available through select retailers per popular demand.

Standard versions of the Klassic Sub-Zero retail for $325 and are limited to 300 pieces. The icey armed exclusive will set you back $335, limited to just 200 statues! Both versions stand 19" (48.25cm) and are available to order as of May 20.

The Mortal Kombat Klassic series also includes; Scorpion, Reptile, and the highly limited character recently revealed exclusively by Mortal Kombat Online: Human Smoke! Each character features unique alternate details and nuanced stances that offer differentiation between the four colour swaps.

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