Mortal Kombat X is upon us, and Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are advancing their extensive range of high quality collectibles to reflect the new era! Where better to start than with the conquering Emperor of Outworld: Kotal Kahn?

Kotal Kahn will be available in three character variations, referencing the new modes of MKX. The yellow tattooed Sun God variation will be available through retailers and distributors for $425US. Sun God is limited to 500 pieces.

Alternate Blood God and War God versions will be exclusively available through Pop Culture Shock. Blood God is limited to 250 pieces at $435, offering red tattoos and Tecpatl swap-out weapon. War God features "teal" tattoos, and the Macuahuitl swap-out weapon for $445 for one of 350 pieces.

Each statue references the "Be Mine" heart clenching fatality, extending the towering Emperor to 27" tall (68.5cm). Pre-ordering begins Monday (3PM PST), May 18th. Get up to 15% discount on prices by ordering early. Status ship Q2 2016.

The 1:4 scale Mortal Kombat line includes many klassic characters! See more of Pop Culture's high quality work: Raiden, Goro, Shao Kahn, Liu Kang, Kitana, Baraka, Mileena & Jade, Human Smoke & more!

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