They're as elusive as the most mysterious of Mortal Kombat clans, but the quality of their work is making them rapidly well known. World Box Toys impressed in 2013 with their 1:6 Scale Sub-Zero Action Figure -- now they're doing it all over again with an exciting choice of follow-up: Kung Lao!

In a world where one masked mascot fighter usually precludes another, this really is an impressive departure from the merchandising norm. The only thing more exciting than the choice is the quality of their work! Kung Lao receives the same attention to detail as Sub-Zero -- boasting not only an array of articulation, but all the design details that made Kung Lao one of the best looking fighters in the last game!

Like Sub-Zero; the Kung Lao figure is an approximate 12" (1/6th scale), with a complete accompaniment of removable accessories and customizable additions. Building on a World Box standard, Kung Lao features: Sculpted Head, Crazy Durable Body 2.0, 2 Hand Sets, 1 Trademark Hat, Clothing, Arm Bands, Wrist Guards, Red Belt, Red Ribbon, Boots, Injured Neck, Bloodsplatter, Razor Hat Spark, and more.

Real fabrics and intricate sculpted detail make these some of the most realistic high-end action figures you can find. Interaction between figures is also a unique draw, with Sub-Zero & Kung Lao compatible both ways for brutal fatalities and more! Take a closer look by clicking the thumbnails below. [More images at]

BigBadToyStore are now offering pre-order for an estimated arrival during Q4 of 2014. With a premium price tag of $144.99 -- these are clearly high-end toys for big boys! The series is said to continue next with Scorpion & Jade, but we currently have no details on the Hong Kong toy makers schedule. We'd love to hear your experiences, if you've had them! Register to find and comment on this and other stories in the Media & Merchandise forum.