is reporting that a demo for the upcoming Mortal Kombat will be available to subscribers of Playstation Plus on Tuesday March 8, 2011. It will be available for all PS3 users via the PSN store one week later on March 15.

PSN Mortal Kombat Demo Coming March 15!

The demo includes four playable characters: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage and Mileena. The characters will be equipped with their complete arsenal from what we can tell. Classic arenas The Living Forest and The Pit will be available as stages. Modes available will be limited to single player and one-on-one versus modes. The recently unveiled Challenge Tower mode will not be part of this demo [full story] nor will the Story Mode. The PS3's exclusive 3D support will also be included.

XBL users will receive a similar demo "soon", though an official date has not been set. It's also currently unknown if these demos will have support for online play. Stay tuned to this story as more information surfaces!

Update Mar. 4: PlayStation Blog has posted a brief look at the demo, which has also been featured extensively in LA the last few days as part of the Mortal Kombat Truck Tour [full story].

The demo includes the PlayStation exclusive Stereoscopic 3D feature, which is said to be tastefully implemented to effect gameplay very little, whilst creating a visual pop to fighters on the screen. Ed Boon tells PS.Blog, "We didn’t want 3D to change the basic mechanics or complicate things needlessly." The Blog account reports that 3D is such that it can still be viewed without glasses, with minimal blurring of the background.

The demo also includes an exciting new preview clip for those who complete it's brief arcade tour! Forum member , who attended and won a Truck Tour tournament, reports that the clip provides first-look glimpses of Stage Fatalities for the Living Forest, City Bridge, and Armory levels, where opponents are eaten, runover, and dunked in lava. X-Ray and Fatality moves are also featured for Stryker, Baraka, Jade, and Sindel, who use trademark moves and weapons to brutalize their victims in a parade of decapitation, mutilation, and grenades! [What was it the Australians were upset about?]

Fans can also look forward to the return of Dan "Toasty" Forden, according to the PlayStation Blog report. Forden was a staple of the series, appearing occasionally in Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat 3, and Mortal Kombat 4, to exclaim "Toasty!" when the odd uppercut was executed. Oh, yeah. He made some music, too.

Mortal Kombat Online will continue to report on an Xbox 360 demo as information becomes available. Mortal Kombat arrives April 19, for both consoles. For more on the demo truck tour, follow the story on MKO. Follow @MK_Online for further updates on these stories.