Those boffins in marketing have done it again, offering encouragement to "fight anywhere, kombat anyone" in the latest promotion for the upcoming release of Mortal Kombat on PlayStation Vita!

The thirty-second spot delivers Kitana to non-specific city rooftops in dramatic fashion, where she brandishes her trademark fighting fans in a taste of things to come. A full version of the stylish trailer is expected to breach later this month, ahead of the May 1st (EU May 4) release of the game.

The teaser marks the return of UK model Rachelle Glover, who previously fulfilled the role of Edenian princess during European live appearances, and a tasteful "cosplay" promotional spotlight, last year [full story].

This is just the latest high concept pitch for Vita Kombat, which already appeared in a memorable trailer featuring series icons, Scorpion and Sub-Zero, taking their feud to the street, library, and beyond. The emphasis on portability and real-time match-ups sparked widespread misreports of an augmented reality feature, which was quickly debunked by series director, Ed Boon [full story]. Kombat on Vita does pack the punch of a string of widely reported exclusive features, though.

Containing the same previously downloadable characters found in console versions of Komplete Edition -- Vita also offers Sixteen bonus costumes, Touchscreen Fatalities and 150 New Challenge Tower feats. These features have been shown off in various other trailers [read more].

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