Hot on the heels of Mortal Kombat DLC headliner Skarlet's official release, a trailer for the second scheduled downloadable character has appeared on Gamespot. The blind warrior Kenshi, announced with Skarlet some time ago, is prepared to take the arena by storm with his telekinetic flurry!

Originating in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Kenshi was perhaps the most popular character introduced during the 3D era. His original storyline had him missing the first tournaments, but could have very well changed due to Raiden's interference with history. His rivalry with the sorcerer Shang Tsung, who blinded him many years before, can now be realized at a much earlier date!

Kenshi's gameplay is quick and powerful, and makes use of two of his iconic character traits. His telekinetic powers differ greatly from fellow psychokinetic Ermac; Kenshi uses his mind to project his aura forward, dealing damage with what is effectively a hologram image of himself. In addition to this he also relies heavily on his signature katana weapon to spill the blood of his opponents to the arena floor. A new special move is present in which he is able to reflect a projectile back at the opponent with a slash of his sword, following that he uses an X-Ray attack which ends with him slamming the hilt into the skull of his victim.

According to Gamespot, Kenshi is due for release worldwide on July 5th, next Tuesday. His price will no doubt be the same as previously released Skarlet's.

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