Mortal Kombat is making a major media stop at this year's PAX in Seattle. The conference got underway today and the first images are appearing on the major media outlets covering the event. Known to be attending are Kotaku and GamesRadar so far.

Kotaku gave us our first look at the game's presence by showing us the cabinets previously reported on while GamesRadar has updated with some floor shots, one of which includes a look at the updated select screen with the recently announced Kitana and Cyrax.

Initial reports are that recording equipment is not permitted at the show, but we still expect some hands on reviews to come forth in the coming days as the event progresses. As that happens, this thread will be updated so stay tuned for the latest!

Update #1: Online reviewer Jeremy Jahns has just now uploaded an interview with Ed Boon right from the showfloor at PAX. Nothing entirely new is learnt. But Ed states that he expects at least five Stage Fatalities will be present in the game. Small snippets of gameplay can be seen half-cut during the interview showing glimpses of Kitana. To view the video please click here.

Update #2: The official Mortal Kombat Facebook has added a few images from the show, including one showcasing the game being a nominee for Best of PAX 2010 and another featuring buttons and t-shirts with the game's dragon logo. There are also a few more pictures of the booth itself on their wall, so be sure to go check it out.

Update #3: Destructoid has done an interview with Ed Boon live at the PAX show. One of the topics discussed is the possibility of free DLC along with paid DLC for MK 2011. it can be watched here.

Update #4: The folks over at Original Gamer have posted some video footage from PAX, this time with gameplay of Sub-Zero vs. Johnny Cage. This includes his Fatality! The video can be seen here.

Update #5: GameXplain has posted 2 gameplay videos from the PAX show, one of Sektor vs. Mileena (though this video has been mislabeled as Kitana), and one of Sub-Zero vs. Reptile. You can spot some insane moves that happen during battle, but one of the coolest things about seeing this are the win poses: Sektor crosses his arms across his chest and activates his flamethrowers, and Mileena shows you an extreme close-up of her grotesque blood-spattered face, which looks very zombie-like. Choose to watch either Sektor vs. Reptile, or Sub-Zero vs. Kitana. Later the channel added another video, this time featuring Nightwolf vs. Sub-Zero, ending with Nightwolf's fatality.

Update #6: Another person has uploaded a video from PAX showing some gameplay footage, though the quality isn't as good as some of the other ones. The video, uploaded by allbowdown384, can be watched here.

Update #7: Yet another video has been uploaded to youtube, this time by stevemcb1982. This particular video is in quite good quality and shows a fight between Scorpion and Sub-Zero, showcasing several of their special moves and fighting abilities. It ends with the recently unveiled Sub-Zero fatality. Click here to watch it.

Update #8: ScrewAttack has posted a video from the floor of the show with commentary regarding X-ray specials as well as other miscellaneous comments and first impressions. A clearer shot of the new select screen with the two recently announced characters can be seen near the end. Click here to check it out.

Update #9: Gamepro has posted a hands-on preview with Kitana. AJ Glasser's preview of the Edenian princess remarks on her feel in the game and her special moves. However, the review should be taken with a grain of salt since he admits to playing with a button mashing style to some degree. He also comments on low kicks being "cheap" within the game overall. Click here to check out the article.

Update #10: Another video has been uploaded to youtube, this time by GameXPlain. This particular video is in decent quality and shows a fight between Scorpion and Nightwolf in Shang-Tsung's Throne Room It also shows Nightwolf's Fatality where he embeds one of his Tomahawks in his opponents head. Then decapitates them with the other tomahawk then holds their severed head up in the air. Click here to watch it.

Update #11: GameTrailers has just posted a very good quality video showcasing Tag Team gameplay. Cyrax and Kitana can be seen performing an array of special moves like Cyrax's Net and Kitana's Fan Lift during the video along with the first look at one of Cyrax's fatalities involving his wrist Buzzsaw. To view this video yourself please click here.

Update #12: Another YouTube user, mcsdhacker, has uploaded some video footage from the show, this time featuring Reptile vs. Reptile. It's a very short video (30 seconds), but in the time we see both his invisibility and his dash, as well as what looks to be some kind of acid-enhanced punch near the very end of the video. This video can be seen here.

Update #13: has conducted a new interview with Ed Boon. New gameplay footage is shown during the interview, featuring more Kitana and Cyrax gameplay. At the end of the interview, Cyrax's much discussed Net Fatality is performed. To watch the interview click here.

Update #14: CVG has posted a preview and a mini text interview with Ed Boon. Though nothing unseen is revealed, the interview focuses a fair amount on Mortal Kombat being taken seriously as a competitive fighting game, noting the extensive air combo system. Click here to read the article in full.

Update #15: Another Youtube user has uploaded a video of the game. This video inparticular is a match between Sektor and Johnny Cage with Sektor performing his fatality in full. The video, uploaded by ShadowedAsh, can be watched here.

Update #16: Several more Youtube videos have been uploaded as PAX comes to an end. This set of videos includes the likes of Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, Nightwolf and Cyrax. In the tag match video, we can see some of the select screens and the movelist screen. Kung Lao also shows off his non-fatality victory pose. bobisaninja27 uploaded Kung Lao vs. Nightwolf. MrGamerGuru13 uploaded a lengthy tag match between Scorpion and Cyrax vs. Nightwolf and Sub-Zero. alvingm uploaded Cyrax vs. Sub-Zero. ShadowedAsh uploaded Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero.

Update #17: Videos are still surfacing after PAX has come to a close. In the latest two, we get to see one of Kitana's fatalities, in which she slices off the head and arms of her victim. You can also see Nightwolf's Victory Pose in the second link. Kitana's Fatality and Nightwolf Victory Pose.

Update #18: On a lighter note, Ed Boon interviewed Giant Bomb (this isn't mistyped) about Mortal Kombat. It's nothing new but it's very cute and humorous. Check it out here!

Update #19: Konsole Kingz conducted a very good interview with Hector Sanchez during PAX 2010. The interview is accompanied by gameplay, where we can see things like the special move version of Johnny Cage's ball break and Sub-Zero's end match win pose. In addition, Hector reveals that major fighting game tournaments have been in contact with them regarding the new game, including perhaps the most well known in EVO. Click here to watch this interview.

Update #20: Two more YouTube users have released yet more gameplay videos from the PAX show, featuring Fatalities. fonzcorp, has uploaded one showing Reptile's Fatality here, and Martial Arts Fights has uploaded Johnny Cage's here.

Update #21: Mortal Kombat has been awarded THREE awards from PAX by Machinima. The game won the Best Fighter award, Best Booth award and remarkably the Best of Show award. It's quite a feat to say the least! To watch Machinima's Award Show please click here.