As the April 19th release date of Mortal Kombat nears, Mortal Kombat Online has launched its dedicated online tournament and league play system, Fight Klub!

Fight Klub is a year-round, constantly ran entity that will crown monthly tournament champions as well as seasonal league champions. A brief explanation will be given below; please check out the official rules thread in our Matchmaking Forum.

Tournament Play will be ran monthly and feature regular tournaments alternated with specially themed tournaments. Each tournament is scheduled to begin on the first of that specific month, with a single champion being crowned each time. Keep in mind separate tournaments will be ran for each of the available consoles (PS3/360) and there will therefore be a champion for each system. Users may enter both tournaments, however. Our tournament schedule for the 2011-2012 season is as follows:

January - Open
February - Ladies' Night (only female characters allowed)
March - Open
April - Tag Hat (characters randomly selected, lowered entry cap)
May - Open
June - Draft (characters will be drafted by entrants; lowered entry cap)
July - Open
August - Hat (characters are randomly selected; lowered entry cap)
September - Open
October - Tag Open
November - Open
December - Bromance (only male characters allowed)

League Play will be a longer term commitment which sets the community into various divisions, pitting similarly skilled players against one another. A 14 game "season" will then follow, concluding in a playoff type format. League Play will be ran four times per year, coinciding with the seasons. The first League season will begin on July 1st. Winning a league championship is the most prestigious honor of Fight Klub and will therefore come with our very best awards!

Ready for action? Joining Fight Klub is easy!

Step 1 - There will be a stickied sign-up thread in the Matchmaking Forum for each system, so simply post your gamertag in the system thread that you want to sign up for. You are allowed to sign up for both systems if you own both platforms and have a copy of the game for each.

Step 2 - Friend request MKOFightKlub on whichever system you choose to play for, or both. You are not officially signed up until your request is accepted by the MKOFightKlub account.

Step 3 - Being one of the first 64 people to sign up on your system between now and April 27th guarantees you entry to the first MKO Fight Klub Tournament, which begins on Sunday, May 1st. Registration for this tournament will close at 11:59 PM (Eastern time) on April 27th. For subsequent tournaments, new threads will be made.

For a full list of all rules and frequently asked questions, click here. If an answer to your question is not present, please place a message inside the thread.

Prizes for winning tournaments (or possibly placing highly in them) as well as winning a seasonal league championship will be awarded by the staff at MK Online. Join up in the first two tournaments today on either Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 and claim your rights as Mortal Kombat goes Online!