Originally announced in April, a few days before the release of the latest Mortal Kombat, the second downloadable character addition to the roster is now available for purchase! With an array of unique attacks and fatalities, the blind swordsman Kenshi slashes and wills his way into the consoles of PS3 and Xbox 360 users.

Much like the first DLC character Skarlet received, a short MKast was released by Netherrealm Studios in promotion of Kenshi. MK team members Erin Piepergerdes, Tony Zeffiro and Paulo Garcia speak about the latest addition to the roster, noting that their first intention was to make him a completely unique character, presumably apart from fellow telekinetic warrior Ermac. His heavy use of his Japanese themed sword helps in setting this tone, along with his astral projection special abilities that are more reminiscent of Noob Saibot's shadow clones than anything Ermac has in his arsenal.

Several pieces of concept art have also been officially released, as shown in the MKast. Two featuring Kenshi enacting his revenge on the devious sorcerer Shang Tsung, while the others focusing on the genesis and progression of Kenshi's design for this game, including the detail on his signature sword.

Kenshi is available on the Playstation Network for the price of $4.99 and Xbox Live for 400 MS Points. At this juncture, NRS has stated that Kenshi should be available for XBL users some time early July 6th.

Kenshi's release also coincides with another classic skin set, this time featuring two more ninja who did not receive the classic preorder treatment; Noob Saibot and Smoke. Even without the purchase of Kenshi, these alternate costumes are available to all players free of charge through download of the compatibility patch.

If the DLC release pattern holds true, the much sought ninja Rain should be making his much heralded appearance soon as the third DLC character! Stay tuned to @MK_Online on Twitter for all your breaking news on the Mortal Kombat series!