NetherRealm Studios Project Lead Ed Boon is tweeting down to something in June. The cryptic countdown hit 24 today, and it's got Gameinformer feeling just a little self-conscious.

Tell me, Michael. How could a billion Chinese people be wrong? What about just one Sutherland?Back in February: IGN reported the claims of TV's 24 star Kiefer Sutherland. Comparing it to his work on Metal Gear Solid; the actor remarked on his completion of a voice role in an unnamed Mortal Kombat project [full story]. Like a lot of sites, Gameinformer picked up the story -- but is it true? [Related Article: IGN Report Kiefer Sutherland Mortal Kombat Role]

When Mortal Kombat Online asked fans who the Hollywood actor could best play in a hypothetical sequel -- they chose Shinnok! Could this be for the analogous deceptions associated with a ruler of Hell? If you believe Boon's twitter queries to the actor -- maybe!

Mortal Kombat Online learned from an anonymous source that Sutherland's claims came to the surprise of the Mortal Kombat developers. You would probably expect them to know what's going on, but this certainly wouldn't be the first time a game was developed beyond the original team. With Warner Brothers assuming ownership, Mortal Kombat as a license has already begun to span considerable distance from its source, and we know new spin-off projects have been broached, such as Mortal Kombat HD [read more].

There are several options. "Mortal Kombat" may be an anachronism for another upcoming combat style project. There may be another wing of development beyond the knowledge of the developer. Or, this could simply be a campaign of doubt launched in the face of other evidence -- such as the updated resume of Kitana & Mileena actress: Karen Strassman.

Only one thing's for certain: As far as we know - Mortal Kombat: Special Forces HD was made-up for our annual April Fools joke. That doesn't mean it isn't happening, though. Wink.

24 v MK "Jax Bauer" Stryker fan-edit by @TheRayden02 [via @noobde]

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