As we saw with the announcement of the newest game - Mortal Kombat is a global phenomenon! Delivering the series to the world takes a lot of work, and musician Pitty has taken fans behind the scenes of the localization process for Mortal Kombat X. Assista e descubra:

Pitty is a Brazilian rock singer bringing the voice of Cassie Cage to life for the Brazilian Portuguese dub. Pitty speaks glowingly of the trash talking combatant and the strength of the female fighters.

Even more enticing are dialogue references to "Uncle" Jax and Cassie's mother Sonya Blade. Speculation for both klassic characters' inclusion has been running hot since the Mortal Kombat X: Next trailer offered some tantalizing visual clues. Cassie's dialogue seems to suggest story mode scenes that put the fighters in peril. One translation: "Are you okay, Uncle Jax?"

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