"[It's] been a while since we've had a Kombat Kast." So it was written, so It shall be! NetherRealm Studios will gear up for a return to streams Monday, August 31st via Twitch!

We last heard from the developer for July's release of Tremor. The official reason for the next stream is to break down new Mortal Kombat X patch notes, but with speculation decisively targeted at new DLC, the always epoch-making Ed Boon has teased "news & klues" as well. With a K!

The Creative Director may have merely been talking around Alien rumors of late, but he's flat-out guaranteeing a reason to "rejoice" for Jacqui Briggs players come the next patch!

Will Kombat Pack sequel hopefuls be in luck? All signs point toward more DLC, but to date, no NetherRealm game has formally bundled DLC extensions into a second package. There's a first time for everything - and demand could just push them over the edge.Tune in to watch the stream live on Mortal Kombat Online to find out who or what is next!

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