During the latest Kombat Kast live stream, NetherRealm Studios showed off a gallery of concept arts. Here are some of the designs for Reptile [click to enlarge]:

We looked forward to designing Reptile. With all the possible reptilian elements the character could possess, it gave us a huge amount of ideas to explore.

We began pursuing a more primal-influenced look, featuring bones as a main element of the look. His vicious nature makes this pairing feel right.

Over the years, Reptile has undergone some pretty radical changes. The finished primary look for MKX surprised with its relative familiarity. In the images above, you'll see some more varied designs for one of MK's original palette swaps. Look even closer, and you might even recognize some work in the style of MKOmmunity users like EmperorKahn!

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Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick recently confirmed a plethora of opportunities for additional DLC skins for Mortal Kombat X. Could one of these be Reptile's? Register to discuss your favorites on the forum!