We first saw the image during Mortal Kombat X demo coverage from E3, but it's been a curious omission from subsequent media releases. Now by popular demand - take a closer look at the latest iteration of the ice cold warrior: Sub-Zero!

The identity of this version of Sub-Zero has drawn considerable speculation since E3. The source of uncertainty stems from the twists and turns of the previous game, and the announced 25 year continuing timespan of Mortal Kombat X. The "introduction" loading screen image offers no further clues than what you can see.

Creative Director Ed Boon touched upon the subject of identity during E3, describing the availability of options: "The thing about Sub-Zero is that there have been many Sub-Zeroes over the years. So the Sub-Zero that you see can be anybody because the Lin Kuei has a sea of Sub-Zeroes." He told Gamespot Sub-Zero will be revealed during the games' story mode.

Mortal Kombat's ice wielding mascot has undergone many changes throughout his 20+ year history. The identity of the blue garbed fighter was a milestone bombshell for Mortal Kombat II, where in-game endings revealed the mantle had passed to the original's younger brother after his death in the first game. That warrior was christened Kuai Liang in the last game -- putting a given name to the most iconic incarnation of the character. The same game twisted the original story to transform him into a Lin Kuei cyborg, before he was killed and placed under the control of nemesis necromancer: Quan Chi.

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