The best in the ESL Mortal Kombat X world leagues will converge on Burbank, California today for one purpose: The Season 3 Final! Their journey is the culmination of three ESL seasons. and two years of competitive play in the latest instalment of the franchise. It brings them to what might be the most competitive stage of the game's life!

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The final bracket brings together the best players from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Canada, Finland, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Chile! They'll be competing not only for personal and national pride, but also their taking of a massive $200,000 prize purse!

As always, 2-Time ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League Champion cR_SonicFox comes into the tournament with a lot of eyes on him! Moments of vulnerability have created some uncertainty, but the pressure is unlikely to rattle this instinctive young player. Some of his toughest competition will come in the form of UK dominator A F0xy Grampa - a stalwart of the scene who rose to new prominance during the Mortal Kombat X era! He'll have his own big game hunters to worry about: IrishMantis and Crathen both claiming notable victories over him.

Another seasoned veteran fighting from underneath is Perfect Legend - the aging Evo World Champion with a big name and a lot to prove! He earned his spot with a late charge at the Combo Breaker qualifying event. He faces Madzin in the first round - the German iceman whose competitive drive and consistent performances have earned him favourite status with fans! A definite match to watch out for!

The tournament is schedueld to begin at 10:00 AM PST [7:00 PM CET, 9:00 PM MSK] and will stream live via Twitch. Register to watch it live in the player above and share all your thoughts as the action unfolds on the forums!

The face of Mortal Kombat and NetherRealm Studios Ed Boon will also make a special presentation during the live stream - unveiling the first gameplay footage from Injustice 2! Read the original story for details and discussion! Be sure to tell a friend by liking & sharing this story and others via @MK_Online and Facebook!