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Enchantress Takes Control in Injustice 2 Trailer
The Enchantress plays with Deadshot in first gameplay trailer!

Injustice 2 is bringing in the new year with the next gameplay spotlight trailer from Fighter Pack 3! The mystic menace of Enchantress is unleashed upon her Suicide Squad teammate Deadshot! Take a look:

June Moone stumbled upon an ancient mystic entity that bestowed upon her the power to summon The Enchantress! "The Switcheroo-Witcheroo" transforms from blonde innocent to black haired sorceress, tempted by Enchantress' darkness the more she calls upon her power!

The character debuted in 1966 in Strange Adventures #187, but is most well known for being an original member of the 1987 Suicide Squad. Though her powers helped the team out of many tight spots, the constant threat of Enchantress turning on her teammates was a major source of tension. Moone was eventually stripped of her powers, but repeatedly found herself drawn into the occult circles of the DC Universe.

Injustice 2 favours a modern take on the comic book witch, ignoring the less favoured version seen on the big screen. Her magicks promise to turn players agaisnt themselves with a range of possession techniques, summoning spells, and game-altering incantations!

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Fighter Pack 3 has already shown off Atom and will next reveal the unique guest character quartet of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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Great Big Story Spotlight Voice of Shao Kahn: Steve Ritchie
Video article puts a face to Mortal Kombat II voice.

For fans who discovered Mortal Kombat in its earliest days, the voice of Steve Ritchie is definitive.

Ritchie's taunts emanated across the arcade floor with the release of Mortal Kombat II. The sequel took players into the purple-hued arenas of Outworld, where Ritchie presided over battle as the voice of Emperor Shao Kahn.

Kahn was physically portrayed in the game's live-action digitized sprites by bodybuilder Brian Glynn, whose impressive physique loomed over other characters. Great Big Story have illuminated the less visible half of the Shao Kahn creation in a short video spotlight. Watch it below:

Ritchie echoed many of the phrases made famous by the first game, but as the ultimate final boss, he also assaulted the confidence of players with a barrage of insults! Like his predecessor, he had praise for the strong during standard fights, but when the first round of the final battle began, players were promised death and failure.

The unique blend of modulated bass and smooth vocal qualities in Ritchie's performance gave Shao Kahn a real sense of character, but that wasn't the only villain he was known for. As the Great Big Story profile highlights; Ritchie's main body of work continues to bellow over the rattle and clang of pinball machines!

Pinball ties with Midway Entertainment date back as early as 1982, when Bally merged with the developer/distributor. Midway absorbed in-house pinball development in 1991 from Wililams, housing some of the arcades most successfull properties under one house!

Several of Mortal Kombat's earliest contributors worked on pinball projects. It was from that downstairs/upstairs divide that Steve Ritchie was recruited, becoming one of the best known voices in the Mortal Kombat legacy!

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