News Archive - May, 2002
Third Fight Video Available: Quan Chi vs. Shang Tsung!
Our third (and final) match for you from the show floor of E3 features the Deadly Alliance itself, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung! Though this video is shorter than the other two, we still recommend that you download the movie to your hard drive by right-clicking on the link and choosing "Save Target As..."

To see the video of the match, click here.

In addition, while filming the matches at E3, ]{0MBAT managed to get video of the advertisement Midway was showing on their big screen. (This is the same big screen shown in the background of Adema's concert.) This particular ad features a FMV matchup between Quan Chi and Scorpion. To see this trailer, click here.

This will wrap it up for MK5.ORG's coverage of E3 this year. On behalf of ]{0MBAT and the other staff members of MK5.ORG, I'd like to thank you all for your support during this, our first year of E3 coverage. We truly do appreciate it.

Second Fight Video Available: Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero!
Our second match-up, straight from the show floor of E3, is the age-old favorite: Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero! Once again, this is a large file, so you may wish to consider downloading it to your hard drive and running it from there instead of attempting to stream it from our servers. :)

To see the video of the match, click here.

Stay tuned, as ]{0MBAT has two more videos to present, including one more in-game matchup!

First Fight Video Available: Shang Tsung vs. Li Mei!
Straight from ]{0MBAT's video camera, comes our first video of a full fight filmed at E3, featuring Shang Tsung and Li Mei! This video is 16.2 MB in size, so you may wish to download the video to your hard drive by right clicking on the link, and choosing "Save Target As".

To see the Shang Tsung vs. Li Mei fight, click here.

Later on, we plan on having two more fight videos for you all, plus one more miscellaneous video for your entertainment. Stay tuned!

Transcript of Ed Boon E3 Interview Now Available!
After returning home from E3, ]{0MBAT has been hard at work getting the videos from the show floor ready for you. However, he took a quick break in his schedule this morning to provide a transcript of the audio interview he had with Ed Boon on Wednesday morning.

To read ]{0MBAT's transcript of the interview, click here.

Win Pose Videos Available, and ]{0MBATs Final Impressions!
E3 may be over, but our coverage of it isn't! Thanks to our intrepid cameraman, ]{0MBAT, we now have winning pose videos available for most of the playable characters. Although characters share win poses and use multiple poses, this can give you an idea of what to expect. You can even see a unique win pose: Jax's special "kicking" win pose. In the next couple of days we'll update again with an actual fight, so be sure and stay tuned!

In addition, ]{0MBAT has sent us his final impressions, which we will now share with you:

I would just like to say that I am VERY impressed with the realism of the martial arts featured in this game. In particular, the block button. As opposed to previous MK games, your character moves their arms and body to block whatever attack your opponent throws at you. They don't just stand still with their arms in one position as before. Once again, I am very impressed.

Also, I thought now would be a good time to go over the various alternate costumes the characters wear:

  • Scorpion: Black ninja costume with yellow "beads" and other markings
  • Sonya: The green and gray on her costume get transposed
  • Jax: Black beret as opposed to red
  • Blind Kenshi: Blue costume
  • Quan Chi: Blue pants
  • Li Mei: Wears green as opposed to purple
  • Sub-Zero: Wears darker blue (this will probably be changed to match the render we all love)
  • Shang Tsung: Wears blue as opposed to red

The only way I know to get the alternate costumes was to play a mirror match. But like many other things about the game, this will probably change in the coming months before release.
Screenshots and Renders - Courtesy of Midway!
While at the Midway booth this morning, their staff was kind enough to provide us with some new screenshots and renders to post. Many of these have not been seen before to our knowledge. They include shots of characters not enabled in the E3 demo version such as Mavado, and also shots of some characters such as Quan Chi and Sub-Zero performing their special moves. Once again, our thanks to Midway for letting us have these images, and don't forget: in the next day or two we will be posting videos taken during E3, including actual gameplay!

Final Day at E3 - Addendum
In our haste to get the Final Impressions story posted earlier, we omitted one part of the article that we had intended to post. While we were on the E3 show floor playing Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Ed Boon walked over to us, and was good enough to give us a heads-up.

To see the scoop, click here.

Select Screen and Menu Screenshots Now Available!
Once again, we are able to bring you screenshots of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, straight from the show floor at E3! This time around, we concentrated on getting you select screen shots of each character (plus quick stats), images of each choice on the main menu, and a couple of win poses featuring Sonya and Jax (the latter wearing a black beret which is part of his alt costume). We'll have more images later on tonight, including new high quality screenshots and renders.

Final Day at E3 - Final Impressions!
Today marked the final day of E3 for 2002. Today was spent playing the game, going over it some more, and getting a final impression of what we can expect. As we said before, if what we have seen here is an indication of things to come, then the fans will not be disappointed.

One of the first things we did this morning was speak to a gentleman from Midway's marketing department and with Ed Boon concerning the possibility of a Mortal Kombat C(K?)ompilation collected game for the next-gen systems. The answer was that while it was a very good idea, and Ed had actually tossed it around before, but there were currently no plans to produce one. HOWEVER, once we mentioned the interest the fans had been showing in such a release, the gentleman from marketing (and please forgive me, I should have gotten your name) told us he would bring the idea up at the next meeting. So, it's POSSIBLE the Kompilation may become a reality.

The main menu of the game, even unfinished, gives a peek into what is in store for the fans. Even though the only option that was enabled was Versus mode, there was a little window at the bottom right of the screen which explained each mode. The modes (and a brief explanation) were:

  • ARCADE: This apears to be the standard one-on-one single-player mode like the classic games.

  • VERSUS: This was the mode we played in at E3. It appears to be the standard two-player matchup.

  • KONQUEST: This appears to be the quest mode mentioned earlier, where you embark on a mission to earn money (called "kurrency" in the game) and overcome obstacles and challenges (Test Your Might and/or Sight?) as you proceed to your journey's end... whatever it may be.

  • PLAYER PROFILE: This might be where the settings for specific players could be stored, if the game is played with a memory card or (in the case of an X-Box or possibly the Playstation 2) used with the hard drive.

  • OPTIONS: This is where the system and game specific settings are configured, including game options such as ring-outs, memory card usage in general. Also, it mentions an option called "VIEW WORLD RECORDS", though that may indicate system-specific records as Midway has already made it clear MK:DA will have no online capability.

  • KONTENT: The only thing this one says is"THE MAKING OF MKDA CONCEPT ART". This probably is where non-video or static bonus materials such as pictures would be located.

  • EXTRAS: This section will probably host the videos. The only information shown about this option is "THE MAKING OF MKDA THEATRE VIEWER". It's also possible this will hold the same kind of "theatre" that the home versions of MK4 had, where one could see completed characters' endings and the like.

Combos in the game are measured in the same way as in Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat 4. While there were none of the "dial-a-combos" present in MK3 (and to a lesser extent MK4) in MK:DA, the system would still show you how many hits your combo did, and the percentage of damage. One thing we did notice on the Playstation 2 version (but not the X-Box version; it may not have been enabled yet) is that when a character is hit by 50% damage combo, the letter size on the "50% DAMAGE" notice in the combo pop-up is significantly larger. Also, on the same subject of the fighting system, the attack buttons usage would be different between fighting styles; what would be a kick in one style would be a punch on another, simply due to the particular focus of that fighting style. (A fighting style that depends on kicks would need more kick buttons than punch buttons, for example.) This is another example of the amount of attention to detail that the design team has put into the differing fighting styles.

The question of whether Flawless Victories would be counted has been resolved as well; a perfect win would bring up the standard "FLAWLESS VICTORY" message, plus the announcer stating it. We have a screenshot showing the "FLAWLESS VICTORY" message that we will upload in a few hours. As in Mortal Kombat 4, characters share some win poses. However, the characters are not limited to one victory pose; at the end of one round, a character may flex his/her arms and stand rigid, while at the end of the next he/she may kneel down and look down at the camera. Some characters have unique win poses; Quan Chi would twirl his "butterfly" blades with his arms crossed in a victory stance, and Jax would kick the camera away when it got too close in one of his poses. The victory poses show the characters up-close, and reveal the level of detail went into making them.

Tonight we will be uploading images taken from the menu options, and select screen images for each character, and later on we'll have some screenshots for you kindly provided by our friends at Midway. Tomorrow, we'll also be providing actual video taken on the show floor of actual in-game fighting and screens.

This is D'Arque Bishop and ]{0MBAT, reporting live from Los Angeles. We thank you for your support while we've been out here, and remember:

Mortal Kombat has been reborn.

New Images From E3 Now Available!

At long last, here are the images from E3! These photos (save one) were taken using ]{0MBAT's trusty video camera. All of the screenshots shown were taken from both the Playstation 2 and X-Box versions of the game. The one exception is the image of the green fireball; that was taken from a trailer shown on the large screen featuring a battle between Quan Chi and Scorpion. The concert images are Adema performing for the E3 crowd at Midway's booth, and the model shown is dressed as Li Mei. We'll have more images and information for you all tomorrow!

All of these and more can be found in our E3 Coverage Section!

Second Day - Second Impressions - More Information!
It's the second day of E3, and during this day, we worked on getting more information in regard to the game, and also learned more concerning Adema, who wrote the song "Immortal" especially for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. We also finally managed to get some decent shots of the game, which we will also share with you. Also, we were treated to the world premiere performance of "Immortal".

Some more information was made available to us about the game by Ed Boon, who we had the chance to chat with over lunch. As far as characters go, it turns out that Blind Kenshi's name is only temporary. What the new name is hasn't been decided on yet. However, the name "Blind Kenshi" was recorded and spoken by the announcer. Moreover, Moloch has been confirmed as a sub-boss. When asked who the main boss is, Ed would only smile and say, "You'll see." Also, Ed did confirm that another of the stages that will be in MK:DA is an update of the Portal stage from Mortal Kombat II.

We then brought up the question of whether ring-outs would be included in the final game. Ed replied that he was actually working on such a system right now. As it stands, when warriors are knocked against the border of the arena, they hit up against some kind of invisible barrier, with flashes showing the impact against the barrier. (Images of the barrier impacts will be provided in the screenshots tonight.) What Ed is working on is a system where the barrier's resistance is set in the system options, so that a warrior would need to be hit against the barrier so many times before being knocked through and out of the arena. The warrior would then be sent to whatever fate awaits him out of the arena. (For example, a warrior knocked out of the Acid Bath stage would find himself taking a dip in the acid...) The number of hits needed to knock through the barrier (or whether such ring-outs are even enabled) would be set in the game options.

Although the game does not feature it now, weapons can and will be dropped by characters during battle. This system may be partially enabled in the demo we played: while fighting, I would notice that my character would switch from an armed style to one of his unarmed styles after being knocked down occasionally, without me pressing the style change button. Also, one thing that we noticed is that the fighting style the warriors were using at the end of the previous round carries over to the next round. When the game goes between rounds, instead of a sudden switch from one round to the next, the scene fades from the end of one round to the beginning of the second.

We also had a chance to speak with Midway officials concerning Adema and their song, "Immortal". Apparently, Adema are hardcore MK fans themselves; when Midway approached them about performing a song to be the theme of MK:DA, they immediately opened up with questions about the game, such as who the Deadly Alliance was, etc. They enjoyed making this song for the game, and we were fortunate enough to be able to watch Adema premiere the song at Midway's booth at E3. The song really does fit the game very well; I should imagine the majority of MK fans, even those who are not really Adema fans, will not be disappointed. As it stands, parts of the song have been used before on the Flash intro to the Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance website.

We will be updating the E3 section for today in the next hour or two with gameplay screenshots, images from the trailer shown at the booth, Midway's MK:DA display, a model who played Li Mei, and images from Adema's concert at E3. Stay tuned for more information!

This is D'Arque Bishop and ]{0MBAT, once again reporting live to you from Los Angeles.

Interview with Ed Boon available for download!
This morning, our intrepid reporter ]{0MBAT was able to get an interview in with Ed Boon while at the Midway booth at E3. We recorded the interview on audio casette, and are now making this file available for download. It is in MP3 format (which can be listened to by your media player of choice), and the file size is just under 4 megabytes.

You can download the interview from here.

First Impressions of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
This morning, I was privileged enough to be able to play several rounds of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, and make no mistake: this IS the Mortal Kombat game we have all been waiting for.

The game was shown on two platforms: Playstation 2 and X-Box. Loading time was pretty bad on the PS2 compared to the X-Box, but Ed Boon assured us that when the game is finished, the loading time would be a quarter of what it is now. The control scheme was similar on both games: five attack buttons, one button dedicated to blocking, and one dedicated to switching fighting styles. Characters' positions and attacks changed as they switched fighting styles. Each character has three styles: two unarmed martial arts styles, and a third based on their weapon of choice. Attack and defense strategies are paramount as you and your opponent swap styles.

The d-pad is unlike any of the previous Mortal Kombat games. The left and right still function as normal. Up and down, however, move in 3-D. Up-right and up-left do a jumping flip. Thus, there is no way for your character to jump straight up as in previous games. Also, ducking is performed by holding the d-pad down-left or down-right. It may sound strange now, but it feels completely natural in gameplay.

The preview we played had eight playable characters: Scorpion, Jax, Sonya, Blind Kenshi (no trace of "Blind GI" anywhere), Quan Chi, Li Mei, Sub-Zero, and Shang Tsung. However, there are a total of twenty non-hidden characters, and an unknown number of hidden characters. Among the unplayable characters are Kitana, Johnny Cage, Reptile, Rayden, the female Sub-Zero, and Kano. None of the characters had their special moves or fatalities enabled yet, which meant ALL we could do was spar. Another feature that may have been left out, according to a Tips and Tricks magazine we picked up, is the fact that weapons could be dropped and picked up by opponents, just as in MK4. There was no sign of Quan Chi's "living weapon" yet; his weapon was the "butterfly". (Two short blades.) With four months until release, there's plenty of time for these features to be added back in. The models are especially detailed; closeups of Sub-Zero, for example, show blue energy pulsing around his arms, and his breath misting as he exhales. Damage is shown somewhat realistically, too, with blood flowing off of characters, even after they've been damaged.

We couldn't hear too much of the sound, but all of the yells and screams that we have been accustomed to have returned in full force. In addition, the announcer from MK4 has returned to do the announcing duties in MK:DA. I couldn't hear anything of the music, though... the loud noise of the theater drowned everything out. The stages were also especially well designed; for example, an update of the Soul Chamber shows souls passing over your heads as you battle. Other stages include a rural fighting arena as monks beat on drums and gongs around you, the Kuatan Palace seen before, and the courtyard of a Chinese temple or palace.

Overall, we were very impressed with the game. Interestingly enough, one of my first matches was against Ed Boon himself; he played Jax, and I was Scorpion. I actually beat him! THAT made my day, I must say.

We could not get very many screenshots or pictures, because Midway was restricting access to photographers. We hope to have more images tomorrow evening. Later this evening, we will have images uploaded, as well as a special interview between ]{0MBAT and Ed Boon.

One last little tidbit: right before ]{0MBAT got the interview with Ed, he was interrupted by a gentleman named John Newcomer, who demonstrated Mortal Kombat Trilogy running on a Motorola cell phone, on a full color LCD display. The phone will cost $199, according to John, and Ed for one was excited about it. (The look on Ed's face was priceless when he first saw it; this was the first HE had heard of it too.)

This is D'Arque Bishop and ]{0MBAT, reporting live from Los Angeles.

More MK: Deadly Alliance videos appear.
Midway Games has released free versions of the trailer that was first seen at GameSpot Complete on May 18th. They are available through the MK: Deadly Alliance game portion of Midway's recent site makeover. The new section also includes an array of new screenshots, but from older versions of the game. Still check out the official  flash website which contains a new character bios section and arena images of Wu Shi Academy.

However GameSpot, always a step ahead, released an updated version of the previous trailer as part of its pay service. This trailer features slightly toned down music while giving larger emphasis this time on sound effects you will hear during a match. I must say, the grunts of the characters and the thuds of the weapons smacking your opponent across the face are very authentic. For the first time we see in-game footage of Mavado (notice change in spelling) and Li Mei, a new female character first seen in Game Informer.

Don't forget tomorrow kicks off our LIVE coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo!  Tomorrow D'Arqe Bishop will bring you his first impressions of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance along with our first batch of screenshots and photos.

Another Deadly Alliance Trailer surfaces on GameSpot Complete.
Following quick on our heels, another Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance trailer is out the window and located at Gamespot Complete. Sorry, you'll have to pay to see this one. This trailer is the first footage we have seen from such a complete version of the game. Let's pray the official site releases it for free in the near future. Some new additions to this video include blood, combo damage, weapons, a new "damage bar", lighting effects, character's breath in the cold, different fighting stances, and more! Below are some small snapshots of the video for those who are not a member of GameSpot Complete.


Don't forget to join us Wednesday, May 22 as D'Arque Bishop and ]{0MBAT bring you our first live coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo! Stick it here as we bring you our first impressions of the game as well as screenshots and video from Midway's booth.

Our thanks to forum poster JRF for providing us with the information and video concerning the trailer!

Download new MK: Deadly Alliance Trailer!
Feast your eyes on the newest Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance trailer! We have received word that this was also on a limited edition DVD that was bundled with the June issue of PSM Magazine now available at your local bookstore. The video contains in-game action of an incomplete Playstation 2 version of the game. As you can see from the screen captures below, we get our first glimpse of Cyrax in his alternative outfit.

Our trailer is temporary unavailable. Please come back soon.

We also have a follow-up to our previous announcement of a MK: Deadly Alliance preview in the June issue of Game Informer. It is now available at newsstands which reveals Li Mei, another confirmed female combatant along with Sonya Blade.

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance song chosen?
According to the website Dark Horizons, which deals with movie news and rumors, has a potential scoop concerning a song being produced which they originally thought was for the third MK film. From the page:

The Adema song 'Immortal' is NOT for the third film after all, but rather the upcoming game "Deadly Alliance". They'll be playing at the upcoming E3 games conference.

Now, I must stress that this information is as yet unconfirmed, but it would tie in with the news from the first Game Informer story which said that a band was making a song especially for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Hopefully we will know more as E3 gets closer. Click here for the original link and story.

Our thanks to Jamesman for the heads-up on this scoop!

New Images at MK:DA Website!
The official Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance website has updated with three new images, one of which answers a long-standing question! One image is a screenshot of Kung Lao fighting Blind Kenshi, and another is of Jax fighting Scorpion, as seen in the recent EGM and PSM magazines. The third is a render of the masked Sub-Zero, who sports the trademark scar over his right eye. This should answer any lingering questions as to which Sub-Zero he is...

MK5.ORG: Live From E3 2002
We are proud to announce's first LIVE coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California! Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, now only four months from release, will make its long awaited debut at the show. Join us May 22-24, as D'Arque Bishop will be live from the show floor bringing you the first impressions and photos directly to you, our readers. is committed to bring you the most up to date reports of MK: Deadly Alliance during the week of E3. Each day we will be posting galleries of snapshots from the show and from Midway's booth. These will be updated in conjunction with our MK: DA E3 Coverage section. Remember our live coverage begins on May 22nd! For the the best Mortal Kombat coverage ever imaginable, you'll find it right here.


Stick to to May 22-24!
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