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Scorpion vs. Link at GameFAQs
We haven't been following the "Great GameFAQs Character Battle" that closely, but here's the scoop.  Characters from different video games are pitted against each other tournament-style, and the users vote for the winner.  The only Mortal Kombat character in this battle is Scorpion, and he has so far defeated Kazuya Mishima, Max Payne, and Pac-Man.  Now will be his toughest battle yet: Link.

It's not looking good for the undead ninja, and Scorpion needs all the help he can get, so please head over to GameFAQs right away and vote for Scorpion.

Kano bio revealed at official MK: Deadly Alliance website
The official Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance website has updated their character bio section tonight with Kano. His storyline mentions that he was promoted to General of Shao Kahn's army but must now decide, with a new power arising in the Outworld, if he will align with the weakened Shao Kahn or the new Deadly Alliance (Quan Chi and Shang Tsung). We could assume from this Shao Kahn is making his return in this game, but as always only time can tell. Also check out the bio section for a few new screenshots of Kano in his alternative outfit which is from the original Mortal Kombat.

Thanks to those on the forum who brought this to my attention.

Game Informer Reveals First Pics of Fatality
The September issue of Game Informer shows Sub-Zero doing his Skeleton Pull Fatality on Scorpion!  Judging from the pics, it actually looks like a really cool Fatality - much better than Kano's Skeleton Pull from MK3.  So check out the newsstands now for Game Informer - it's the one with Grand Theft Auto on the front cover.
P2 Magazine has Exlusive Interview with Ed Boon
Another magazine exlusive to the U.K. called P2 Magazine has gotten an exclusive 6-page interview with Ed Boon!  Most of the information contained within the interview is now well-known (though they went into great detail on the combo system).  The juiciest tidbits of info have to be that multi-stage arenas ala MK3 and DOA3 are now confirmed to be in the game.  Also, some stages will now contain weapons that your player can use (this is an even better idea than the rocks and skulls from MK4, though vaguely reminiscent of it).

Hopefully you can find a good newsstand to import it, as it is from the U.K.  If you're looking for it, it's the July 2002 Issue of P2 (#22).  Good luck!

Thanks to Luke from Total Mortal Kombat for the news on this update.

OC Remix adds Techno Syndrome Remix
OverClocked Remix, a site dedicated to hosting remixes of songs from video games, has finally added a remix to one of the Mortal Kombat games!  The tune, called "Komplete Kontrol", is actually a remix of the Techno Syndrome song which also appeared in the MK movie.

If you've never been to OverClocked Remix before, we strongly recommend you check it out.  In addition to Komplete Kontrol, there are many other video game remixes you may like.  Special thanks to Beatdrop, the author of this kickin' tune. produces artwork talent in MK: DA Contest
Apparently the winners of the Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Art Contest have been selected! Although no official announcement has been made, several of the winners appear to be artists from! Members including RammSPOOn, bleed, digitalninja, and RaMeir have reported on our forum that they received a call from Midway yesterday declaring them winners. One is to assume all chosen entries will appear in the game. We have addressed our contacts at Midway and are awaiting official word and hopefully a list of winners. Congratulations to all of our winning artists!

To your right is a sample of one of the winning entries from member digitalninja.


Click to enlarge
IGN Insider Releases Another MKDA Trailer
Another Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance trailer has been released, and you can get it from IGN Insider.

However, if you aren't a member, fear not: PSi2 Magazine includes a DVD with the same trailer (and no IGN watermark).  The magazine is only available in the U.K. though, so unless you live near a really good newsstand you might want to try looking on the Internet.

The video features a wonderful fight between Scorpion and Quan Chi.  Parts of this battle have been seen previously, on other videos.  This is not just in-game fighting like the other videos we've seen lately, this is a touched up battle with camera angles that we'll never see in the final game.  Thanks to members Dynamo and mobster4christ for the help each of them gave with this update.

Download six new MK: Deadly Alliance videos from IGN!
IGN is at it again releasing six new Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance videos! And this time you won't have to empty your pockets to view them.  Just click on any of the images below to begin the download.
Click to download video
Cage Vs. Raiden
Click to download video
Kung Lao Vs. Raiden (Round 1)
Click to download video
Kung Lao Vs. Raiden (Round 2)
Click to download video
Kung Lao Vs. Raiden (Round 3)
Click to download video
Raiden Vs. Scorpion (Round 1)
Click to download video
Raiden Vs. Scorpion (Round 2)

Thanks goes to Minus_Zero from our discussion forum for bringing this to our attention.

GameSpot Complete releases 4 new MK: Deadly Alliance videos!
If you are a member of GameSpot Complete, you will be treated to 4 new in-game fighting videos for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance!  Below are my comments on the movies:

  • Scorpion's alternate costume has changed since E3.  Before, it was black with beads of gold, now it's simply a darker shade of gold.
  • Some of the fonts in the game (namely the combo meter and Character X wins) have also been changed from the E3 version.
  • Johnny Cage now has a tattoo on his back.
  • Special moves are in the game now, and they look great!  Scorpion's fire is vaguely reminiscent of Shang Tsung's Hellfire Raise from MK3, and Mavado uses 2 odd red sticks to attack his opponent.
  • Some weapons and fighting styles have been added and switched around from E3.  The staff, for example, now belongs to Raiden (as it should be) instead of Shang Tsung.
  • Scorpion was seen done doing the same special move in BOTH of his hand-to-hand fighting styles.  This can only mean that most, if not all, special moves will be universal to all styles!
Click to download video Click to download video Click to download video

Thanks to MK John of the Mortal Kombat Netherealm for the tip on the update.

GameSpots hands-on report of MK: Deadly Alliance
Gamespot has come through with exclusive new details pertaining to Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. This hands-on preview contains detailed information about fighting styles and move lists. The style of gameplay is set more traditionally with current fighting games available in the market with a larger focus on the combo system. We also get a mention of a new character named Bo Rai Cho (the "drunken guy" that was first mentioned in our interview with Ed Boon at E3) and a confirmation that all 21 characters will have one Fatality. Here is snippet from the review:

The gameplay in Dark Alliance is heavy on fighting stance changes. Fighters can easily change between different stances, which govern what happens when you push any of the attack buttons. Each character has two unarmed stances and one weapon stance. Johnny Cage, for instance, uses jeet kune do, one other unarmed style, and also packs a set of nunchaku, giving him some moves that look a somewhat similar to Maxi's in Soul Calibur. Scorpion packs a heavy broadsword that is slow to attack, but deals out a lot of damage. Whereas characters in Mortal Kombat 4 were almost identical to one another--only their special moves truly set them apart--this new game is striving to make each character play completely differently.

All major gaming sites are now reporting the official release date to be on Fatality Friday: November 22, 2002.

2 MK: DA Fatalities Revealed
Today in Las Vegas at Midway's Gamers Day two of the new Fatalities in MK: Deadly Alliance have been reported!  The Head Stomp and Skeleton Rip!  Although we don't know which character has these Fatalities as of yet, here are the descriptions available at Planet Game Cube who were lucky enough to witness these first hand :

Head Stomp - Your opponent is laying on the ground, and your character jumps and stomps on the second player's head, making it blow up.

Skeleton Rip - Your character rams his fist into the other character, wiggles his arm around a bit, and rips out their entire skeleton.

On a side note, IGN PS2 has posted tonight a hands-on preview of their experience of playing the game while at today's event.

16 new Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance screenshots!
We have received sixteen new screenshots from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance! This is also some of the media that was released to IGN Insider members yesterday. Enjoy!
IGN Insider releases new MK: Deadly Alliance media
To begin the month IGN Insider members have been treated with a wide assortment of new media from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance! Though mostly comprised of artwork from arenas we have already seen there are some new ones to note including Shaol of Quan Chi. Also be sure to check out new renders and screenshots of your favorite characters including a new combatant named Khan.

However, more importantly IGN Pocket has come up with the first screens of the Gameboy Advance version! From what we have seen the game's resolution seems low and characters do not show much detail, but everything still looks fairly good for being on a handheld system. The gameplay even appears to be 3D.

Again, for copyright reasons, we are not reposting the images, and only IGN Insider users can see more than five pictures from their site a day. If we can find a place where these screenshots are available for free we will let you know.

MK: DA Advertising Campaign Delves Deeper
Anyone who looks at the September 2002 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (Issue 158) will be treated to a 2-page advertisement for MK: Deadly Alliance.  Nothing really new is given to us in the ad, except for the really cool renders which feature Scorpion fighting Quan Chi.  We won't tell you who wins, though - check out the ad for yourself.  Visit your newstand and have a look!
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