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First Reptile Pics! New MK: DA Character Confirmed
Rumours that have been circulating for a few days have now finally been confirmed.

PSM Magazine did indeed aquire the very first pictures of Reptile from MK: Deadly Alliance.  He indeed does have his Raptor look, as noted by many at E3 including myself (although disputed by some).  He also has a tail with spikes growing out of it.

Also, a new character is Nitara. She is a beautiful female vampire (complete with wings) whose alignment is neutral in MK: DA, but she comes from Outworld.

Another interesting plot development is that Li Mei is from Outworld as well, not Earth as once thought.

Special thanks to many users from our board, especially Minus Zero for this update.

More MK: DA Ads
EGM has a new advertisement in their November mag (Issue 160) for anyone who's keeping up.  Also, Electronics Boutique has an ad in there which gives you a coupon for 30% off the MK Deadly Alliance hint book, if you buy it in conjunction with the game.
Another GameSpot Movie to Download
The folks over at GameSpot went ahead and added another movie: Scorpion vs. Kitana!

This is the first time we've seen Kitana in action, as well as the first time we've seen her blue outfit being used in MK: Deadly Alliance.  The best part of the video is when she brings her fans out at the end of the fight.  Don't miss this one!

Again, you'll need to be a GameSpot Complete member to enjoy these.

It's also been brought to my attention that we hadn't updated with the Scorpion vs. Cyrax video yet - oops!  Check that out as well, you can see Cyrax's Pulse Blade in action.  Thanks Sutaz.

Four New MK:DA Videos at Gamespot Complete!
Gamespot has updated with four new videos from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, including the aforementioned power-up move and the return of Test Your Might! The videos include:
  • Scorpion in the Test Your Might minigame.
  • Scorpion fighting against Johnny Cage. (In this one, Cage performs his shadow kick, and Scorpion does the power-up.)
  • Scorpion fighting against Sub-Zero in the snow stage.
  • Scorpion vs. Sonya, in which Sonya does her own power-up.
Due to copyright restrictions, we are not allowed to post the videos here on the site. However, if you are a Gamespot Complete member, head on over to the site and check the videos out!

Our thanks to forum member MK-DA for the heads-up on the videos and what they contained!

Three New MK:DA Stages Shown at TGS
IGN has posted a new article from the Tokyo Game Show, with information on Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. The main news of note in this article is the description of three arenas not seen before. From the article:
The first looks like a haunted harbor of sorts. Dilapidated pirate ships bob in the ocean behind you as the fight rages on. The second new arena we saw was a sort of circular gondola floating down the river (reminiscent of certain stages in Soul Calibur). As you fight, oarsmen row the platform of death along the water. The final new arena is a vortex of sorts. You battle on a stone platform as a huge funnel cloud in the background sucks everything into itself. Swirling debris was constantly flowing into the tornado, although the fighters' footing didn't seem to be affected by the heavy winds.
The third arena could be the remake of the Portal stage from Mortal Kombat II, which Ed Boon mentioned during the E3 coverage.

You can read the article in its entirety here.

Our thanks to KanoJoe2000 of the forum for bringing this article to our attention!

New MK:DA Info at Gamespot
Gamespot has updated with an article concerning new details about Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, as presented by KOEI, who have picked up publishing rights to MK:DA in Japan. Among the highlights:

  • Special moves are now in a more finished form; Sub-Zero's ice freeze was demonstrated, and as described in an E3 report by TRMK, the victim doesn't immediately freeze, but instead slows down until he is completely frozen.
  • A new power-up move was shown that was not seen in previous versions, that would cause your character to briefly grow in size before shrinking back down. No other use for this move was seen, though it's probable that this function is as yet unfinished.
  • The "Test Your Might" minigame was demonstrated, and appeared to be fundamentally unchanged from the original MK1 version.
To read the article in its entirety, click here.

Our thanks to quan_chili of the forum for the heads-up on this update!

Update: I received a tip about a new character mentioned in this article named Hsu Hao (pronounced "Shu How" ) about a month ago, but due to lack of any confirmation from Midway we couldn't run it. We believe that Hsu Hao is actually the mysterious character named Khan, as seen in this picture. -Scott Howell

MK:DA Fan Interview -- Now Online!
It's finally here! The development team for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance has taken time out from the development of the game to answer the questions posed by you, the fans. We are sorry we couldn't submit everyone's questions; so many of you picked good questions, that we had difficulty picking the best questions to ask. In the end, we feel we picked the twenty we thought would answer most of the fans' questions about the game.

We would like to thank the Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance development team and Midway for taking the time to answer your questions about the game, and also you, the fans, for providing the questions for the interview.

To read the MK:DA Fan Interview, click here.

The return of Mortal Kombat Fan Art!
We have always been known to deliver great content and news to our readers as well as giving Mortal Kombat fans a central community to participate in. Now, due to popular demand, we are proud to announce the return of our Mortal Kombat Fan Art section! It goes without saying that many individuals on our forum have artistic talents. Many people have been inspired to create their own works of art, especially in the past year with the release of official artwork for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Since the implementation of our forum we have seen people post their talent for all viewers to see. With the addition of our Mortal Kombat Fan Art section, now doing such a task is easier than ever before. We now offer a database of all authors who have submitted their artwork, and make it easy to comment on and rate artwork. We welcome any feedback and comments concerning this section; like the rest of the site, user input is valuable in improvements and expansion. Please send any comments about the section to our newest staff member AcjBizar. We also have a few site enhancements spread out among the site including a new Forum FAQ.

On a related note, we would also like to welcome our new graphics assistant Justin Saadein. He will be working together with us for various projects we have planned for our future. Just one example of his works is the new header image you see above. We hope you enjoy the new content and thank all of you for your support!

Kano vs. Quan Chi Movie Now Up
Apparently a newer version of MK: Deadly Alliance was at another video game conference called ESTC 2002.  There is an eight-second clip of Kano fighting Quan Chi.  Although originally it was an 80 MB movie with footage of many games (hosted by Telenet Games), you can download just the MK portion by visiting Total Mortal Kombat.

Thanks to TMK for the word on this update.

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