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Bernard Beneteau Mortal Kombat X Goro Production Art

Fans became enamoured with the work of artist Bernard Beneteau during production of Mortal Kombat X. His unofficial Ermac art captured the minds of fans [full story], "fan art" based on the character he helped design in 2011. Now, with Mortal Kombat X out, Beneteau is sharing work he did do for the game - production art for the highly sought after DLC Shokan: Goro!

We Are Many! The Other Bernard Beneteau Ermac Concept Art

Bernard Beneteau wasn't necessarily a name on most fans' lips -- but he made waves recently when his Ermac "fan-art" was mistaken for a Mortal Kombat X leak (re)tweeted by Ed Boon [full story].

As reported; the work was something the professional artist knocked together in his "spare time". A testament to the talents of his vocation - but not surprising with all things considered. He has, after all, served as NetherRealm Studios' Senior Character Artist on: Mortal Kombat, Injustice: Gods Among Us and the 2008 crossover of the two: Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe.

With that in mind: it won't shock you to know you've seen his work before! In case you haven't - we're featuring his other Ermac Concept Art!

We Are Many! Bernard Beneteau Ermac Concept Art

Before anyone gets too excited - we're just gonna come right out with it: We don't think this is concept art for the in-production Mortal Kombat X. That said - it doesn't mean we can't still call attention to this amazing piece of Ermac "fan art" by Bernard Beneteau!

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