Fans became enamoured with the work of artist Bernard Beneteau during production of Mortal Kombat X. His unofficial Ermac art captured the minds of fans [full story], "fan art" based on the character he helped design in 2011. Now, with Mortal Kombat X out, Beneteau is sharing work he did do for the game - production art for the highly sought after DLC Shokan: Goro!

Beneteau doesn't simply do justice to the series' original champion - he embellishes him! The art shows a faithful recreation of one of MK's icons, with updates that help the character live up to his legendary status and imbue him with a grander sense of culture. Concept art shows experimentation with Shokan tribal markings, as well as Shokan and personal artefacts -- including Liu Kang's sash - a trophy of battle!

Above all, Goro has an immediate sense of strength and presence. Characteristics vital to the fighter, but only achieved through subtleties of anatomy, scale and texture. His face is stern and proud. His arms many, but well proportioned with his chest and torso. A fine outing for one of the great kombatants! Goro is available now to those who pre-ordered, and to buy for $4.99 as DLC [trailer].

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