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Review: Mortal Kombat X #2 Chapter 5

Mortal Kombat Online's review cycle is drifting back from the current digital release schedule, but be warned: the following article will contain spoilers! Visit DC Entertainment to purchase Chapter 5 before continuing!

Mortal Kombat X: Blood Ties continues with Part 2 of the digitally divided "Caged" story. Note: This 2-part story will appear in its entirety in print editions of Mortal Kombat X #2.

Per the trifurcated nature of the digital series, this instalment picks up pretty much where Chapter 4 left off. In doing so, it quickly answers some of the structural questions raised by the last chapter, but does so again suffering for the limited space afforded by digital chapters. Fortunately, Chapter 5 starts to create the sense of story momentum, making it clear these aren't strictly disparate tales that will come together in crescendo at the end. For all the set-up, Raiden appears to be emerging as the through line fans have seen in previous incarnations.

MKX: Behind the Scenes of Cassie Cage Brazilian Localization

As we saw with the announcement of the newest game - Mortal Kombat is a global phenomenon! Delivering the series to the world takes a lot of work, and musician Pitty has taken fans behind the scenes of the localization process for Mortal Kombat X. Assista e descubra:

MKX Character Dialogues - Cassie Cage vs Kitana

Later this week Kitana will face-off against Reptile in the next live stream Kombat Kast from NetherRealm Studios. Before the demo shows off the character's fighting variations, the developer is letting her do the talking against Cassie Cage in the latest pre-fight dialogue clip. Check it out:

Review: Mortal Kombat X #2 Chapter 4

The review cycle has drifted back from the current digital releases, but be warned: the following article contains spoilers!

Mortal Kombat X: Blood Ties continues with Chapter 4 - the first section of print issue #2, and Part 1 of digital story arc "Caged". Make sure you follow links to buy the chapter from DC Entertainment before you continue!

Continuation is a topic very much in mind at the open of Chapter 4. If you read Chapter 3 [review], you know Raiden is dabbling in dangerous Kamidogu blood magik. If you know that, the reminder at the start of this chapter will probably seem continually ominous, but fairly unnecessary. We've spent a lot of time navel gazing over the virtues and foibles of digital versus print - this little curio makes you wonder how it'll read once collected for trade.

It's a lot of fun to see Fujin in action - even if it's just taking a gut wound from a protector god with a pretty sketchy record since the 2011 story reboot. The take away from this B-plot overlap is that big things are coming, but the real meat of this issue delivers us to two of the debuting Mortal Kombat X characters: Cassie Cage and Kotal Kahn.

IGN Preview Mortal Kombat X Digital Chapter Four

IGN have the first look at the next instalment of DC Comics' digital series Mortal Kombat X! Chapter 4 officially hit digital platforms yesterday (Sunday), kicking off the next sequence of three that make up Issue #2 [solicitation]!

Fan Koliseum: Mortal Kombat Royal Rumble - Who's Next?

Smoke d. ScorpionNetherRealm Studios are back in the 'rasslin business! The developer released the free fighting app WWE Immortals earlier this month - just in time for the annual Royal Rumble! We think it's such a swell game, we're celebrating with our own take on the WWE classic - and we need you to make it work!

We'll be asking "Who's Next?" when 30 Kombatants are drawn randomly at regular intervals to enter the first ever Mortal Kombat: Royal Rumble!

It will all go down tomorrow (Sunday) - with the Fan Koliseum deciding characters' fates by voting for eliminations on the forum, and boosting their chances via Twitter! Better still, every participating fan will go into the draw to win themselves a limited edition Mortal Kombat kollectible pin! Here's what you need to know:

    Mortal Kombat - Royal Rumble Rules:
  • 30 Kombatants will be drawn randomly to enter at regular intervals.
  • The MK Royal Rumble will begin when #1 & #2 are announced.
  • Each entrant will be announced via @MK_Online & the forum.
  • Kombatants begin with 12 elimination points.
  • For every 5 Retweets & 10 Favorites a Twitter entrance receives - the corresponding character will gain +1 elimination points. [Tallied during each subsequent entrance.]
  • Fans will vote to eliminate active characters by posting to the forum.
  • An elimination occurs when the voting tally exceeds a characters points total.
  • Fans can vote for an elimination once per entrance: Points will remain subtracted, but a new entrance will grant users the right to vote again for any character they decide.
  • Eliminations will give points to randomly assigned eliminators.
  • There must always be at least 1 kombatant active.
  • Kombatants remaining after the 30th entrant will be systematically eliminated based on their points and the total Retweet & Favorites received.
  • In the tradition of the Royal Rumble - expect surprises! The 30 entrants will be drawn randomly from a total field of 85 characters!
  • Prize winners will be notified within 48 hours.

Webseries Call Sheet Lists Mortal Kombat X Characters

For two series, MK Legacy carved out a unique take on the classic mythos of the original games. Growing ties between a third live-action webseries and April's Mortal Kombat X appear to be bridging that gap!

Casting rumors have heavily featured characters from the official comic books [full story], but a call sheet from this week's shoot is the first confirmation of series newcomers Ferra/Torr and Cassie Cage!

UFC Fighter Felice Herrig Claims Cassie Cage Likeness

International kickboxing champion turned MMA pro Felice Herrig believes her likeness is the inspiration behind Mortal Kombat X newcomer: Cassie Cage. IGN reports the UFC Ultimate Fighter Season 20 contestant made her claim in a tweet this week, sharing photographic comparisons via Instagram.

MKX Character Dialogues - Cassie Cage vs Kotal Kahn

The complete roster of Mortal Kombat X characters is still a mystery - but when the game ships in 2015, we know each fighter will have plenty to say to his or her opponents! Unique pre-match dialogues have been of intense interest during convention previews, but typically muffled by the roar of the crowds. Following up on other examples; NetherRealm Studios used Instagram to offer a complete demo of character interaction between Cassie Cage & Kotal Kahn. Watch (and listen) below:

Kommunity: The NetherKast - Episode 2

The NetherKast is an exciting new kommunity initiative giving a voice to discussion within the fanbase! The audio series is a fan roundtable discussing multiple facets of Mortal Kombat X and the series as a whole! The kast is completely free and can be listened to via YouTube: