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Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion Tournament 2019!

History has never been far behind in Mortal Kombat. Is it future, or is it past? Mortal Kombat 11 introduces a time-bending possibility that the present could be the battleground for both!

April 23rd saw the official introduction of Kronika and a fresh batch of kombatants whose goals threaten the realms, time, and reality itself! With in-game customization, revised gameplay, and a dramatic time-twisting story -- the only constant through it all is the fighters! Therefore there's never been a more compelling time to take stock and ask: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

The annual voting tournament returns to dissect and assess the current state of the series. MK Online invites the entire kommunity to enter the Fan Koliseum for another year of daily polls that will challenge sixty-four fighters from past and present in elimination battles! Read on for the updating battleplan, poll results, and links to the latest match-ups you can comment on on the forums:

13th Dimension Preview Mortal Kombat X #5

The game arrives in just under two weeks (April 14), but the story of Mortal Kombagt X expands beyond the gaming console! 13th Dimension have the preview of Mortal Kombat X #5 - full print issue out April 8th from DC Comics!

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