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Lost Kontent: Tobias Shares MKvDC Comic Art & MK4 Reptile

Digitized live-action graphics defined Mortal Kombat in its seminal incarnation, but many of the series' most iconic characters began life as design sketches by franchise co-creator John Tobias!

This weekend Tobias will discuss klassic digitized characters at San Diego Comic-Con [full story], but the talented artist also recently shared a mix of MK drawings from more recent eras! These include character sketches of Reptile and Liu Kang, as well as uncolored pencils from the official Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe comic book!

Editorial: The MKvsDC Crossover Nobody Sees Coming

It was the bombshell that rocked us in April 2008. Revealed in a Mortal Kombat Online exclusive: Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe turned the core fighting franchise on its head -- introducing MK's first all-out crossover with another franchise! It brought an end to then-rampant sequel speculation, and created an indelible link with the superheroes that starred in 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Six years on from that memorable first image [pictured top] - we are again anticipating what might be announced when a mystery countdown ends June 2nd. Sequel rumors persist for both Mortal Kombat and Injustice -- leading to speculation of overlapping, or simultaneous development cycles.

Always up for a lark: NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon has thrown "Injustice Too" into the collective vernacular. The overseer of both MK and Injustice is probably just engaging in a little harmless subterfuge, but it alludes to a hypothetical outcome few have even dared to consider.

The next generation is changing the game and we think there's a concept that would make use of dual franchise development. An idea that would land Warner Brothers on the cutting edge of attempting to please everybody. Before we get to that, some history:

Europe Gets Uncensored Joker Fatality in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

We reported earlier that the ESRB had forced Midway to tone down several of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe's fatalities so that the game could receive a T rating (as presumably mandated by DC Comics and its parent company Warner Bros). On the other hand, is reporting that the Joker's fatality, and probably others, will be uncensored in Europe, thanks to the different ratings system used there. From the article:

Fatalities in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Get Toned Down

Kotaku is reporting that Midway is having to tone down several of the fatalities in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe in order to secure a T rating from the ESRB. Kitana was one character whose fatality was changed in order to secure the rating. However, another character whose fatality was changed to secure the rating was the Joker's, and in fact it was his first fatality seen that got changed: the joke gun fatality. From the article: Updated With New Screenshot!

Ed Boon's official website,, has updated with a new image from what is likely a story mode scene between Mortal Kombat's ninja spectre, Scorpion and DC's clown prince of crime, the Joker! Releases Exclusive Joker Game Play Footage and Fatality! has release a brand new interview with MK vs DC Universe producer, Hector Sanchez. In the four minute interview, Hector gives some insight into the newly announced Rage Mode, as well as a sneak peak at the special moves and fatality of Batman's arch-nemesis, The Joker! The Joker appears to have a wide array of moves including an extending boxing glove, and an energy charged playing card projectile.

Midway Releases Comic-Con Fight Video and Joker Render from MKvDCU!

San Diego Comic-Con may be over, but the news keeps on coming. During the Comic-Con event, Midway showed a video showing various gameplay footage from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. The video first shows Superman and Scorpion fighting on the streets of Metropolis, where the mid-battle Test Your Might sequence was shown. Then it cut to Batman taking on Sub-Zero in the Graveyard, where Klose Kombat was demonstrated. The next match was between the Flash and Sonya in Hell, where they took turns beating each other in Freefall Kombat. The video finally cuts to Shang Tsung and Catwoman fighting in Metropolis again, before the video shows quick cuts of the previous fighters. This morning, Midway released the video online, in both standard and 720p high definiton formats. We are providing the videos here, with the standard quality one available via YouTube embedded streaming video.

Midway Releases Scorpion Render From Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe!

Following on the heels of the release of a render in a Polish magazine, the folks over at Midway have made the render available to the Mortal Kombat fan sites! This render is the first image released of Scorpion, one of the four currently confirmed characters in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe! Scorpion's costume in this render is very much a blend of his classic and Deadly Alliance appearance; the trim and belt have the same look as his Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance costume, while the mask's almost bone-like structure harkens back to the classic movie appearance.