Edit Apr. 2: Another year, another cruel and unusual lie. Did we fool you? Not for a second! The following article is a complete fabrication: part of our annual April Fools tradition. You can berate us on the forums, or come down from the high with a look back at some of Mortal Kombat's best hoax, fake & forgotten characters! See you next year!

Injustice: Gods Among Us is still a few weeks away from an official April 16 release, but it seems NetherRealm Studios are already well aware of where they're heading for their next major project!

Back in 2008, Mortal Kombat Online was with you to break the first official news of Mortal Kombat's foray into crossover territory. Five years later, we're happy to do it all over again, confirming the official exclusive announcement of Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe 2!

Before anyone gets too excited, the as yet untitled sequel is still quite a ways off from its tentative release date of Q4 2014. It does, however, represent a bigger picture unfolding at the Warner Brothers owned fighting game developer.

Last September, we reported [via CVG] that there would not be an MKvsDC crossover sequel. As a representative from NetherRealm Studios tells us, this story was widely misunderstood. The fact the developers had been playing the original MKvsDC was the real story, indicating the initial pre-production phase begun by Ed Boon and a team of in-house artists, while the rest of the team worked on Injustice.

The development of Injustice: Gods Among Us has been described as a piece of a grander puzzle. With news of an elaborate story mode unfolding [read more], this is the realization of a custom DC Universe that NetherRealm will have full license to do with as they please.

Remarking on the tame nature of the original crossover, Ed Boon commented, "... we were playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC and we were surprised at how tame it was compared to Injustice." This 'untaming' of the DCU in Injustice will allow the Mortal Kombat developer to feature a less compromised version of their iconic violent game style.

The Gloves Will Be Off When Mortal Kombat Gets Its Rematch!

On the subject of fan resentment, NetherRealm say they feel this time they're getting the opportunity to do it right. The developer says Injustice is the vital component that was missing from the last game, allowing Mortal Kombat fans to become better acquainted with the DC Universe in fighting game terms.

Little in the way of specifics is on offer, but it can be revealed that Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe 2 will specifically continue plot points from both franchises, picking up on common elements. The investment in story and content is something NetherRealm promise to continue, expecting next generation hardware to allow for even greater developments in their story mode feature.

With the apparent rise of Shinnok at the end of the last Mortal Kombat, as well as the reveal of demons like Trigon and Neron in Injustice, it seems the dark arts will play a heavy role in the second collusion between these two worlds. Whether or not they will remember their last encounter remains to be seen.

Next generation hardware is also expected to allow for new gameplay innovations, but what they will ultimately involve is still a complete mystery. With the development of linked in features in the Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile App, the ground is clearly being laid.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is scheduled for a US debut April 16. Mortal Kombat Online will continue to follow the DC fighter as it builds toward the next generation crossover!