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MK Legacy: Cyrax and Sektor - Series Finale is Now Available for Viewing!

After a long and much anticipated wait, the final episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy was released yesterday at the San Diego Comic-Con International.

Mortal Spotlight: MKO Q&A with Shane Jones!

Programmed to Fight -- Cyrax as he appears in Mortal Kombat: Legacy!Comic-Con International 2011 runs July 20-24 and it's there that -- after a month a half's wait -- fans will finally get their chance to glimpse the long awaited ninth episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy!

Featuring a surprise spotlight on Cyrax [pictured right] and Sektor; the episode will tell the tale of Lin Kuei warriors fated to become unfeeling, mechanized weapons. With a design borrowed from the latest Mortal Kombat video game, the episode speaks directly to fans, spotlighting the MK3 additions in a curious close to a series that featured mainstream icons like; Sonya (Jeri Ryan), Jax (Michael Jai White), Scorpion (Ian Anthony Dale), Raiden (Ryan Robbins), and more.

The unexpected delay in schedule already has many speculating about what lies ahead at Comic-Con, which has become one of the most reported launching pads for new and existing projects. With an uncensored BluRay release already on the cards, possibilities of a television expansion, or feature film, remain open.

In anticipation of the episode and the series' conclusion, Mortal Kombat Online took the opportunity to talk to Shane Warren Jones before he officially becomes a cyborg assassin. The actor stars in dual roles as both Cyrax and lesser known Malibu Comics creation, Hydro. MKO probed him for more on that surprising twist, as well as his experiences with the series and hopes for the future.

[MKO]: How did you first get involved with MK Legacy?
[Shane Warren Jones]: Well, I first heard about it when a couple friends of mine had worked on the MK: Rebirth pitch. I literally got an audition a week before shooting started and flew out the following weekend for a fitting and two days later we began shooting.

It seems to be a role that demands a lot of physicality. What kind of background do you have?
The physical background I have is in dance and martial arts. I've studied kung-hu for a few years and dance all through high school/college. I started training at a gym called White Lotus Martial Arts in Los Angeles about three years ago, and have been studying a sport called Tricking ever since. It's a good work out.

As an actor/martial artist, which skills have been most stretched by MK Legacy?
Definitely the martial arts aspect.

Legacy Final Episode Preview Teaser - Cyrax!

With only one episode remaining in the online anthology, Mortal Kombat: Legacy series director, Kevin Tancharoen, has tweeted a final teaser image in the build up to his eagerly anticipated finale!

Official Trailer for Mortal Kombat: Legacy Debuts!

As the premiere of the first episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy nears, Machinima has revealed the official debut trailer for the Kevin Tanchaeron directed digital series.

Warner Announces MK Digital Series Actors!

While Jeri Ryan has thoroughly confirmed her involvement (as Sonya Blade) through frequent activity on her Twitter account [full story], a full press release from Warner Premiere has reconfirmed the return of of Michael Jai White (Spawn, The Dark Knight) as Major Jackson "Jax" Briggs, along with English actor, Darren Shahlavi, in the upcoming digitally distributed series, Mortal Kombat.

WB's press release for the Mortal Kombat digital series project is featured in full below:

Warner Premiere today announced initial casting for their upcoming live-action digital new media series "Mortal Kombat" which is based on the iconic gaming franchise. Jeri Ryan, ("Star Trek: Voyager") will reprise her role as the headstrong "Lieutenant Sonya Blade” from the unofficial fan short. She is joined by Michael Jai White ("The Dark Knight") as "Major Jackson 'Jax' Briggs" and Darren Shahlavi ("300") as the sly and cunning "Kano."

Kevin Tancharoen who directed and produced the popular, unofficial "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth" fan short (watch below) that garnered over 10 million views worldwide, is bringing the same immersive directing style to this live-action digital new media series. Fans will be able to delve deep into the history of the warriors they know and love including "Sub-Zero" and "Scorpion." Shooting for "Mortal Kombat" is currently underway in Vancouver.

"It's extremely gratifying to have such talented actors playing these iconic roles," said Kevin Tancharoen, Director, Producer and Co-Writer of "Mortal Kombat." "They will bring the essence of 'Mortal Kombat' to life and gamers will be deeply immersed into the game's universe."

"Mortal Kombat" is one of the most celebrated videogame franchises of all time. Since its debut in 1992, it has spawned four arcade games, multiple console-based videogame titles, two movies ("Mortal Kombat" and "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation"), two television series and an animated prequel. Additionally, a new "Mortal Kombat" video game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Ent. will be available April 19, 2011 on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Written by Kevin Tancharoen, Aaron Helbing and Todd Helbing, and available online this spring from Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, the "Mortal Kombat" digital new media series is an anthology of multiple live action shorts. Each episode will provide never-before-revealed insights into characters featured in the upcoming videogame as well as the game's universe.

"Mortal Kombat," the newest chapter of the award-winning videogame franchise, will be on store shelves starting April 19th, 2011. Marking a triumphant return to the series' mature presentation and a reinvention of its classic 2D fighting mechanic, "Mortal Kombat" will introduce a number of new game-play features including tag team, a deeper story mode and nostalgic online and offline arcade battles. Players will be able to choose from an extensive lineup of iconic warriors and challenge their friends in head-to-head competition as well as several new game modes.

Darren Shahlavi, confirmed to star as longtime rival of Jax and Sonya, Kano, is an English actor featured in films such as 300 and Ip Man 2. In addition, he's no stranger to films video games, having appeared in both Alone in the Dark and BloodRayne, as well as providing motion capture for titles such as GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Dragon Age: Origins, and EA Sports MMA. Shahlavi's martial arts credentials follow up on the emphasis on action from many crew members, which include hints that the longtime rivalry between Kano and Sonya will continue in this project.

Darren Shahlavi in the 2010 Hong Kong feature, Ip Man 2

Update Feb. 14: Ian Anthony Dale, on break from filming TV series The Event, has joined the Twitter stampede. The actor will step into the covetted role of Hanzo Hasashi -- the ninja who, in the games, becomes Scorpion. On his transition, Dale notes:

After a week of awesome shooting on #theevent I am back to obsessing over my Japanese for #MortalKombat. Got to be perfect.

Update Feb. 14: A battle damaged Jeri Ryan appears with Vancouver TV personality, Victor Lucas, in the latest MK set photos from the Twittverse! Ryan herself also provides a great shot from the smokey set, kitted out for action as Sonya Blade!

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