As the premiere of the first episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy nears, Machinima has revealed the official debut trailer for the Kevin Tanchaeron directed digital series.

The trailer features a wide variety of characters and scenes from the upcoming 10-part series. Of note, the malevolent sorcerer Quan Chi is once again shown to be at the heart of the rivalry between series icons Scorpion and Sub-Zero, as the diabolical Netherrealm denizen offers Scorpion assistance in finding the man he believes is responsible for his anguish in exchange for his services and allegiance in the Mortal Kombat tournament. As previously reported, both the cyborg assassins will be making appearances in the flesh and in metal. Sektor and Cyrax's automation process is partially revealed, their robotic forms strikingly similar to in-game incarnations of themselves. Also gone is the more realistic approach to Baraka, now replaced with a much more gruesome inhuman monster, truer to what the character is in game.

Fight sequences include poster children Scorpion and Sub-Zero battling in the dense, snowy forest that is presumed to be in Japan based on earlier interviews with the series director. Twin sisters Kitana and Mileena also duke it out in front of their father Shao Kahn in a spar, showing their combat prowess before Kahn calls and end to the fight. Johnny Cage shows much more than an actor as he takes the fight outside of the movie studio.

The trailer ends with Kano receiving his cybernetic eye transplant. Last month, Tanchaeron showed off what the mercenary villain looked like prior to receiving his iconic feature but promised that Kano would indeed be given his trademark later on. Here we see just that, seemingly snapping Kano back to consciousness as his new right eye glows with anticipation of another meeting with longtime rivals Sonya and Jax.

Don't forget to check out our cast and crew list to discover what stars are playing your favorite characters in Mortal Kombat: Legacy. There have been conflicting reports on the debut on the series itself, but according to a large amount of cast members the premiere episode will debut on Machinima in less than two hours (12am PST)! Stay tuned, as we at MK Online will bring you coverage of the first episode once it has aired.