Mortal Kombat Trilogy on PC (Best Way to Play)
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Mortal Kombat Trilogy on PC (Best Way to Play)
01/31/2022 08:21 PM EST

I saw a lot of people on the forums asking for more features or characters from MK Trilogy so I figured I'd drop this here -

The forum won't allow me to post links, but searching for Cuban Raul's MK Trilogy installer allows you to install MK Trilogy to your PC using any disc version of the game and comes with a lot of crash fixes, forced 60 FPS, text/announcer fixes.

To fix the music, Game Banana has a download with the corrected Arcade music that you can also drag and drop into the install folder.

They recommend using the DOS version which seems to have no issues whatsoever. If you use the DOS version I think you can configure scanlines/filters as well, and alt+enter in DOS lets you play windowed. I tested it and it works with controllers as well, even Playstation controllers using DS4 or launching the game through Steam. Since there are no load times and all it's missing is one stage and Khameleon, this is probably the best way to play it. You can also use a program like Daemon Tools to mount an .iso or image backup of a CD copy when installing.

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