The heroes soul being spared in MK3
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The heroes soul being spared in MK3
05/11/2015 10:52 AM EST
In the old timeline, every humans' souls save for the chosen ones' were taken by Shao Kahn.

My question is, what was the explanation for it? Why was being chosen by the elder gods enough to spare one's soul from Shao Kahn? Why allow billions of souls to be taken and make it much easier for him than it would be if they tried to directly slay every humans on the planet?

I wonder if that's why they retconned it in the new timeline so that much more of humankind was still around when the invasion began, because it made a little more sense (which I know isn't MK's forte).
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RE: The heroes soul being spared in MK3
05/11/2015 11:21 AM EST
To answer your question, it did not amount to a full scale invasion in the zones that Shao Kahn occupied on Earth. Only surrounding citizens that populated the area were in danger before the menace spread around the world. It was more like, hundreds of thousands of souls were stolen and billions were threatened. Now, because of Liu Kang's triumph in MK2, in association with the tournament regulations, the elder gods allowed Raiden to temporarily defend the souls of the chosen ones who aided their champion, for different individual reasons. In the early events of MK3, the elder gods acknowledged the bigger plan and declined to intervene with Shao Kahn's tyranny, because they were not mortal. It was much later when the gods informed the elder gods that Kahn was attempting to merge the realms towards the end of MK3, that the elder gods took action to prevent this.