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The Kombat Klub
08/12/2016 10:02 PM EST
Hello all,

Decided to make a quick vid talking about my experience with The Kombat Klub. There's virtually no discussion on this, ever, so I thought I would initiate a conversation.

In the video I pretty much include everything I know about it - places I've seen print ads for it, and the commercial shown in the MK Animated video. I also include a live reading of the newsletter.

I also did a Twitter poll asking my followers about it:

Out of curiosity, how many Mortal Kombat fans out there are familiar with The Kombat Klub?

  • 71% - Kombat Klub? What's that?
  • 21% - Heard of it, never joined
  • 8% - I was a member!

For the most in-depth, in-detail, Mortal Kombat lore analysis vids, there's only one source:

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