1UP.com is next up to bat with their latest review of Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. The review praises the game, even giving this action/adventure title another solid rating of 8.0. Here is a snippet from their review:
One of the key features of the fighting engine is the substantial amount of combat and attack freedom. In fact, it may be said that Paradox Entertainment specially made MK: SM a combo-oriented game. The engine revolves around a system of launchers, heavy attacks, light attacks, and special moves. By utilizing the five different sets of attacks, the player has a plethora of combo options to set up combo strings, juggles, and links. If you're adept to the inner-workings of the combo system, you can create stylish combos that would even rival the ones found in actual fighting games. The variety of attacks, juggle set-ups, combo strings and launchers is amazing -- it truly feels that you're not playing just a normal action-adventure game, but a hybrid featuring the best ideas found in a fighting and adventure game.

Another main selling point is the astronomical number of hidden quests and secrets found throughout the game. Finding secrets is a crucial component to the game -- it's the only way to unlock fatality inputs, secret playable characters, character art, and an arcade port of Mortal Kombat II (which is the same rendition found on the Midway Arcade Treasures 2). Some of the secrets are easy to acquire, but others require a bit of intuition and luck (and you'll need more than luck to acquire all 68 hidden objects in the game). Although most gamers will take an estimated twelve hours to complete the game on normal mode, unlocking all the secrets will tack on an additional eight-plus hours.

To read the review in all of its entirety, click here. Thanks goes out to chatroom user, Three-11, for sending us the word on another great win for the Midway Games L.A. Team!