Cinder, from the official Midway Boards, has posted a new versus screen! In this image, we see the bosses of the latest two Mortal Kombat fighting games preparing to battle:

MK: Armageddon boss Blaze prepares to battle the boss of MK: Deception, Onaga. Of note, Blaze overshadows one of the largest MK characters in history in this screen comparison.

In the second image Kitana, fans drawn, is ready to combat a male KAF. Finally, Shao Kahn and Reiko, complete with eerily similar poses and weapons, prepare for a final showdown.

To view the original threads in which thes images were released, follow these links:Blaze/Onaga, Shao Kahn/Reiko, and Kitana/KAF.

Thanks to forum members and for the leads to this story!