The march of time has seen Mortal Kombat: Deception emerge as a fondly remembered chapter in the series' recent history, noteable for some of the most expansive renderings of the many realms. The work of fan-modder has restored one piece that was seemingly lost until now. Take a closer look:

The Katakombs arena has been lying in game files all this time, but requires modification to be accessed. Industrious modder Ermaccer explained his process to MKO, "What I posted is 100% from default game files, only thing I had to do to restore it was to make a file table so that game/map knew what to load."

The results can be seen below, realising an icy chamber decorated with snow, backlit recessed dragon logos, and motionless Lin Kuei warriors -- some seated, with others seemingly arranged in death.

The design sensibility of the Katakombs has been echoed in subsequent appearances of the Lin Kuei Palace in Armageddon and Mortal Kombat X, all seemingly drawing inspiration from the open MK4 Ice Pit arena. The Katakombs can also literally be seen in the background of Sub-Zero's second MK Deception character bio [pictured below].

What do you think of this find? Would you like to see a similar arena return? Share your thoughts in the comments below and go deeper into the recently retro in the 3D Kombat Klassics forum!